There's always been a hidden message in Nina Proudman's scarves on Offspring.

If there’s one item Offspring fans most associate with Nina Proudman, it’s the scarf. Specifically, the skinny scarf.

From the very beginning to the latest season which returned to our screens on Wednesday night, she’s rarely without one.

But it’s more than just an accessory to keep her neck warm.

Image: Channel 10

The show's costume designer Michael Chisholm has shared the real reason he made them Nina's signature accessory.

"When I originally did the pilot seven years ago, I created in my head because there was a lot of angst involved in her character," he recently said in an interview with blog Styling You.

"I thought the scarves were almost that thing that she was (metaphorically) strangling herself. The scarf was an extension of that. It wasn’t so much that it was a fashion accessory."

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From the thin versions of season one to the wider pashminas more recently, we've seen a progression in Nina's scarf style which have echoed her character development and storyline.

"When she was pregnant, we wanted to show the belly and not hide the belly. We celebrated that and the scarves took a break," he said.

If you've watched this week's episode, you might have noticed another major shift around Nina's neck.

Image: Channel 10

"This season, there are some great, new scarves – a lot of antique, little scarves...We use the big scarves when we want to do an exterior scene. We don’t want a winter look, we want that trans-seasonal look," Chisholm said.

"Is she more confident this season? I think so but I think it’s more we wanted to change the silhouette."

nina proudman offspring season 7
What do you mean 'There's more drama on the way?' Image via Channel 10.

As always, the genius of the character's much-envied wardrobe is the collaboration between costume designer and actress Asher Keddie.

"Having a character like Nina, made me think more about accessories. I’ve had to get into the mind of a woman. I workshop it with Asher. We always bring it back to: do I believe this is what Nina would wear?"

What's your favourite thing about the fashion in Offspring?