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Married at First Sight's Nic and Cyrell are engaged in a bizarre post-filming fight and we can't look away.


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Married At First Sight’s Nic and Cyrell chose to leave the experiment on Sunday night’s episode, which is sad for us because Cyrell is the hero we so deeply deserve.

And while it seemed like the pair left on good terms at the time, things have become, uh, heated in recent weeks.

Cyrell threated to ‘expose’ Nic in a Facebook post last week and said she had been banned by Channel Nine from speaking about the show, adding “Run Nick run” to the end of her promise to reveal the “truth”.

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That sounds… scary.

Also last week, Cyrell exploded at Nic on the The Kyle And Jackie O Show after he accused her brother Ivan of falsely claiming that he’d cheated on Cyrell with Jessika Power.

Oh, and yesterday she claimed he leaked his own sex tape.

Even Martha has joined in the roasting by sharing a bunch of her DMs with Nic to her Instagram story and calling him out for “still trying to play the nice guy”.

But Nic is maintaining he has no idea why the heck they’re suddenly in a feud.

“We left on really good terms, but something changed in the last couple of weeks and I don’t know why,” he told the Daily Telegraph on Monday.

“I think there are a lot of underlying issues, she’s obviously had her heart broken before but why come on to the experiment if you’re not ready?”

Though his ‘marriage’ didn’t work out, Nic said he’s received “lots of messages” asking him out.