Apparently Kate and Meghan are feuding and pls. It was only a matter of time.


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If there’s anything I know about women, from all my years of being one, it’s that women simply cannot get along.


Especially if they’re in-laws. Or have the same colour hair. Or are both famous.

It’s constitutionally impossible because women are a) crazy and b) only interested in feuding. They don’t value things like family. Or peace. They want only to fight and to hate because it’s both fun and productive.

Obviously, it was only a matter of time before this inevitable reality reached the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and her new sister-in-law and the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

It’s sweet that they tried to be friends – it really is. There were photos of the two of them laughing at the tennis, and being polite to each other at formal events.

But behind the facade, we could see. The tension was brewing, and sooner or later, it would come to the surface.

Ladies, pls. Image via Getty.

The gossip started when earlier this week, news broke that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would be moving to Frogmore Cottage - a place that sounds like it belongs in a children's book, but okay. The couple currently live at Nottingham Cottage - a house on the grounds of Kensington Palace - where Prince William and Duchess Kate are their neighbours, as well as countless other royals we don't purport to know the names of.

Obviously the fact that Prince Harry, a grown adult and expectant father, is moving away from his brother, also a grown adult and father-of-three, can only come down to one thing: their wives hate each other. 

According to sources at the Daily Mail, "Kate and Meghan are very different people," who "don't really get on".

There's been rumours of tensions between the Cambridges and the Sussexes for months now, the publication says, not acknowledging that maybe they a 'lil bit created the rumours.

"There is no doubt," Rebecca English writes, "that Harry's marriage to Meghan has hastened the brothers' decision to go their separate ways in terms of living arrangements".

She goes on to describe the Duchess of Sussex as "an acquired taste," who "perhaps isn't to the Duchess of Cambridge's liking".

STOP. Image via Getty.

According to a source who spoke to English, "[Meghan] is a woman who has lived life into her 30s in her way, she's been a relatively successful actress, has her own humanitarian interests and her own circle of friends. She is very self-sufficient. Understanding the Palace way, the deference, the politics and the fact that there's a pecking order, is taking a while for Meghan to get her head around.

"She is quite opinionated and Harry has got very dictatorial of late, which hasn't made things easy at times."

Adding to the controversy, royal correspondent Richard Palmer, who writes for Express, said that according to those who know the royal couples, the two women have come to the realisation that they're "unlikely ever to be best friends".


"The two sisters-in-law spend little time together off duty," he added.

WHAAAT? You mean two adult women aren't having sleepovers and braiding each other's hair?? WHY. THERE MUST BE SOMETHING VERY WRONG.

Frankly, I'm surprised it took this long for the feud to emerge. Surely Kate was jealous of Meghan on her wedding day? And tried to steal her thunder? Surely Meghan feels competitive with Kate - worrying about whether her children will be cuter and will get as much attention from the Queen. SURELY SOMEONE COPIED SOMEONE'S OUTFIT. Tabloids, pls. Why have you not been reporting on the big issues?

It seems Meghan Markle was granted a grace period after her wedding - where the media allowed her to be a likeable human for just a little while. But it's likely she'll learn over the coming weeks, months and years how easy it is for the tide to change, and for the tiniest behaviours to be interpreted in sinister ways when it fits a convenient narrative.

And is there any story more convenient than that of two accomplished women hating each other? Of course, if we buy into the myth that women simply cannot get along, we implicitly tell men - and women - that women are the problem. That we're fickle, silly and overly-emotional. That we're competitive and immature and we don't support each other.

But women are far more multifaceted than that.

And the story that we can only coexist by hating each other, is one we need to stop telling.