From Royale Bubz to Prinz: The 44 baby names the NZ government rejected in 2018.


The New Zealand government have released a list of 44 names which were declined by the head honcho of baby names – the Registrar-General of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Jeff Montgomery – and yeah… we can totally see why.

On the list (unsurprisingly) were names like Heaven-Princezz-Star, III, and Princess-Dixie-Rose, while titles like Duke, Judge, Prince and Saint also made the list.

While the New Zealand government specified no names were ‘banned’ or ‘illegal’ per-say, they do prefer parents follow a few simple guidelines.

Specifically, any monikers which include “swear words, names of more than 70 characters, numerals or anything unpronounceable, like a backslash or a punctuation mark” will not be allowed and parents also have to ensure their chosen names don’t “cause offence” or resemble an official title or rank.

Ooft, Reddit just shared the worst baby names they’ve ever heard and some of them are B.A.D.

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According to the official process, if a name fails to meet criteria, the family can then present their argument to the Registrar-General who will then decide or decline their appeal on a case-by-case basis.

However these names (and a tally of how many times they were rejected) just clearly crossed the line:

Allah (1)
Avaya-Royal (1)
Duke (1)
Emperor (1)
Emprah (1)
Gunner (1)
Heaven-Princezz-Star (1)
Hunter-Rhouge (1)
II (2)
III (1)
Jahstice (1)
Judge (1)
Jusdyce (1)
Justus (1)
Kiing (1)
King (6)
Kingdavid (1)
Kyro-King (1)
Lee-Royal (1)
Majestee-Honours (1)
Majesty (1)
Major (1)
Messiah (2)
Miss (2)
Prince (4)
Prince-Ryder (1)
Princess-Dixie-Rose (1)
Prinz (1)
Prynce (1)
Queen (2)
Rhoyal-Kahurangi (1)
Rogue (1)
Roil (1)
Royaale (1)
Royal (6)
Royale (2)
Royale-Bubz (1)
Royality (1)
Royalty (3)
Royelle (1)
Saint (3)
Sir (1)
Sire (1)
Zdiam-Bishop (1)

Have you ever had a baby name rejected? Do you have a favourite banned name from the list? Tell us in a comment below.