KEEP CALM. Beyonce just dropped her new album.

Oh, were you just chilling out on your Sunday afternoon?

Well, back-up because Beyonce just dropped her latest album and everybody is about to lose their shit.

Are you ready?

Here goes:

Yes, that’s right. The Queen Bey has released a “visual album”, called “Lemonade”.

What does this “visual album” mean exactly, for those who are slightly confused?

Well, HBO has screened an hour-long film of her new album, including some new music clips and voice-overs from the singer.

The film included her husband, Jay Z, daughter, Blue Ivy, and even a little cameo from tennis star, Serena Williams.

From what we have seen so far, the visual album included Beyonce smashing a car with a baseball bat (in a beautiful yellow dress), she also jumped from a building in water, and some home videos. Very sweet.

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Throughout the film, Beyonce sings about jealousy, cheating, paranoia, forgiveness and revenge. Also included in the film are mothers of African-American victims who have been killed by police violence and guns.


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Beyonce has not yet dropped the album onto iTunes with people only being able to listen to it on the streaming service, Tidal.

Excuse us while we go collect our minds and get ourselves together.