"I've never gotten so many compliments": 17 beauty products we're loving sick this month.

Mamamia’s beauty roundup series is your monthly look at the beauty products our team are loving - from the latest launches in skincare, hair and makeup to the old faves we've fallen for all over again.

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Another month has flown by and guess what that means - It's time for our beauty roundup!

In March, the Mamamia team tried and tested plenty of new (and new to us) skincare, makeup, haircare and body care products, and we need to tell you all about them.

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Here you’ll find reviews of the best beauty products that launched in March, as well as the products we’ve rediscovered and fallen back in love with.

Flower Gel Crush Lip & Cheek Blackberry Crush, $6.99.

"When I tell you this is the only makeup product I use religiously, I'm not lying. When you're feeling flat and your skin is looking pretty lifeless, this is the go-to. I will rave about Flower Beauty to anyone who will listen but this lip and cheek stick formula is absolutely perfect. I just tap it on my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, on my lips and blend with my finger. It gives you a natural flush/cute girl sunburn vibe AND it's under $10 from the chemist. There are multiple shades but my fave is Blackberry Crush." - Talecia Vescio, Assistant Producer.

Image: Chemist Warehouse/Mamamia.


Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Superfusion Face Oil, $100.

"Cosmetics queen Charlotte Tilbury has just announced a new member of the fam - Collagen Superfusion Facial Oil! It promises to soothe, smooth and hydrate the skin for that healthy, radiant, I-drink-water kinda glow. It’s full of plant extracts and soothing oils - leaving you feeling calm and smelling like a high-end hippie shop. (Psst… if you’re not great with fragrances, this one might not be for you)." - Erin Docherty, Senior Health and Beauty Writer and co-host of You Beauty.

Image: Supplied.

Revlon Colorstay Grip Matte Primer, $19.69.

"If I don't prep my skin correctly pre-makeup, it becomes a greasy mess pretty quickly (yeah, not cute). This Revlon primer has been working wonders - not only does it help keep my shine at bay but it also blurs my pores - and it's not nearly as expensive as other primers on the market." - Charlotte Begg, Lifestyle Writer.


Image: Supplied.

QED Skincare Ultra Sensitive Body Balm, $39.

"I've been looking for some natural skincare that won't upset my skin and recently found QED products. They're great for my skin and also super affordable. Win-win! This body balm goes on like an absolute dream and leaves my skin feeling so moisturised and hydrated but without that 'sticky' feeling of other moisturisers - just massage it into your skin and it melts right in. Oh, and it leaves you smelling DELICIOUS!" - Eleanor Katelaris, Social Media Producer.

Image: Supplied.


Charlotte Tilbury The Feline Flick, $47.

"I've recently discovered Charlotte Tilbury's liquid liner and I'm obsessed. I would usually buy chemist brand eyeliners but my eyes have become super sensitive and if I get teary, my eyes just burn. I've now 'upgraded' to this, and it's honestly the best shade of eyeliner! So easy to put on, lasts all day and most importantly doesn't burn my eyes." - Cristina Aguilar, Commercial Video Producer.

Image: Charlotte Tilbury/Mamamia.

Sundae Coconut Cream Foaming Body Wash, $20.

"I started using the Sundae foaming body washes over summer and I am obsessed. I adore the novelty of the whipped element and I cannot stop recommending it to friends and showing people when they use my bathroom. I've used Coconut Cream & Honey Honey but I think Coconut Cream is my fave." - Mikayla Floriano, Podcast Producer.

Image: Sundae/Mamamia.


Frank Body Perky Sculpting Body Hydrator, $28.

"I also recently started using this body lotion from Frank Body and I love it! I've been using it after towel drying, and after fake tanning and I've found it moisturises without feeling greasy and the little coffee cup container is so cute." - Mikayla Floriano, Podcast Producer.

Image: Mecca/Mamamia.

Cultured Biome Calm Cream, $118.

"This cream from newly launched brand Cultured just dropped in Mecca, and it's full of skin-loving pre and post-biotics. It's all about supporting your skin's microbiome and strengthening the skin barrier. I've been testing a lot of active products lately, so my skin has been a little out of sorts (cute spots, flakiness, uneven texture etc.) - and I can honestly say my skin feels better for using this guy. It's thicker than my normal cream, but my skin absolutely drinks it up - it's super hydrating. Been using it both AM and PM." - Erin Docherty, Senior Health and Beauty Writer and co-host of You Beauty.


Il Makiage Icon High Volume & Intense Curl Mascara, $43.

"I've been using this mascara for months now and it's honestly become my go-to. I always get compliments when I wear it because my lashes just get so. Damn. Big. They become so dramatic, but somehow still whispy and elegant - probably because the wand separates the hairs so well. Obsessed!" - Eleanor Katelaris, Social Media Producer.

Image: Il Makiage/Mamamia.


Makeup By Mario Master Pigment Pro™ Pencil - Eye Pencil, $34.

"I had never spent money on a good eyeliner pencil because I thought they were all a bit same-same, but woweeeeee, I bought this Makeup by Mario one in black and it is epic! It is so pigmented and the formula is creamy. It goes on so easily and doesn't smudge at all when it's dry." - Talia Phillips, Strategy Manager.

Image: Sephora/Mamamia.

Natasha Denona Mini Nude Eyeshadow Palette, $38. 

"I've been LOVING this little mini palette from Natasha Denona. I'm notoriously boring with eyeshadow, but these shades are just so friendly and wearable. They're delightfully buttery, pigmented and totally blendable - I just use my fingers and pat them on." - Erin Docherty, Senior Health and Beauty Writer and co-host of You Beauty.


Image: Supplied.

Loving Tan Platinum Mousse, $39.95.

"I'm calling it: this is the best fake tan I've ever used. Designed for 'experienced tanners', this new mousse only requires one coat and lasts almost an entire week before fading. I've never gotten so many compliments on my skin, asking what tropical place I'd been to." - Charlotte Begg, Lifestyle Writer.

Image: Supplied.


My Glow 2 Original Glove™️, $34.95.

"On the flip-side, this is the best thing to remove fake tan; especially if you apply it weekly. The silk mitt buffs away dead skin cells and all the product, leaving the skin smooth and clean, ready for a new coat." - Charlotte Begg, Lifestyle Writer.

Image: My Glow/Mamamia.

Espressoh Glassy Blush By The Glass, $40. 

"I've been trialling this buzzy little blush from Italian brand Espressoh (just launched in Sephora) and it's so. damn. cool. It's basically a colour-changing highlighter/blush hybrid (feels like jelly) that reacts to the pH of your skin - so it goes from clear to a lovely flushed shade when applied. Obsessed!" - Erin Docherty, Senior Health and Beauty Writer and co-host of You Beauty.

Image: Supplied.


Ethique Sugarplum Tinted Lip Balm, $11.95.

"This lip balm is not only super nourishing, but it's also got the most perfect red tint that's really buildable. I'm not a huge fan of lipstick as I can find it drying, and I'm not usually a fan of gloss either because it can be sticky, but this is the perfect medium for when you'd like a little colour while keeping your lips happy!" - Emma Gillman, News Writer.

Image: Nourished Life/Mamamia.

Trinny London BHA Exfoliant Find Your Balance, $65.

"A month after launching their skincare, Trinny London has released their newest product: exfoliants. There are three to pick from - a PHA, AHA and BHA - depending on your skin concerns and how strong of an acid you’re after. As someone with congested, oily skin I’m using the BHA exfoliant to help reduce the appearance of my pores and occasional breakouts and it's been working a treat." - Charlotte Begg, Lifestyle Writer.


Image: Supplied.

TULA So Polished Exfoliating Sugar Scrub, $46. 

"I'm not a big facial scrub kinda gal (cause, sensitive), so I usually opt for gentle actives instead. But I gotta say - this sugar scrub from TULA Skincare is a real doozy. It's such a beautiful formula (it's not like a scrub, scrub - it just kinda melts into your skin) that not only smells absolutely delicious (pineapple! papaya!), but whisks away oil, makeup, sunscreen and your day's face without making it tight and dry. Everything is soft, bright and happy after use. I've been using it around twice a week and honestly have to stop myself from using it more." - Erin Docherty, Senior Health and Beauty Writer and co-host of You Beauty.

Image: Supplied.


Sabbia Co Brightening Niacinamide Serum, $79.99.

"I got the Sabbia Co brightening niacinamide serum and I. Am. Obsessed!! My skin looks like a shiny disco ball (in the nicest way possible). I feel so pretty when I wear it. Basically, it works to brighten your skin while also soothing breakouts and redness. I’m a pretty pink gal, so I’ve been really, really happy with the results." - Shannen Findlay, News Writer.

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