Six ways to exercise that you've probably never even heard of...

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I’m officially sick of the exercise I usually do.

I’m sick of doing the same yoga DVDs over and over again. I’m sick of swimming laps at the local pool, and I’m especially sick of cycling away at the gym while watching endless awful music videos.

You see, some people love routine. I am not one of them. My attention span isn’t cut out for any of the above. I can cycle for about two minutes before I pull out my phone and start googling what I’m going to make for dinner (while still trying to cycle). You would be right in thinking that the entire thing is a recipe for disaster (no pun intended).

That’s why I’ve been searching for new ways to work out. I need to mix it up constantly, because it’s the only way that I’ll get my butt off the couch and into my exercise gear.

There’s only one condition – the work out has to be fun. Very, very fun. Because life’s too short to not have fun at every possible moment.

And so I present to you all, six ways to exercise that you’ve probably never even heard of. I promise that they’re all 10 times more enjoyable than your average Saturday morning at the gym…
1. Cardio tennis

Cardio tennis is like tennis on steroids. It’s particularly awesome for people like myself who really enjoy a spot of tennis but are severely lacking in technique. You see, cardio tennis throws tennis technique OUT THE WINDOW and brings in things like music, heart rate monitors and agility ladders. The result is a high-intensity group workout that probably won’t get you competing in the Australian Open anytime soon, but will be a hell of a lot of fun.

The sport is just starting to take off across Australia – you can go here to find a location near you.

2. The Colour Run

I am desperate to participate in The Colour Run. The only requirement behind this 5km marathon is that you wear a white shirt. Every

The Colour Run

kilometre, you get sprayed with a different coloured powder (don’t worry, it’s safe to ingest) that coats you, your clothing, your body and your friends in colour.  You end the race feeling sweaty and tired but looking SUPER pretty.

The best part? Proceeds from the race are donated to charity. The other best part? You don’t even have to run – you can skip/walk/jog/crawl the entire thing, depending on what you feel like doing. They’re currently announcing events all over the country – go here to find out more.

3. Underwater rugby

Yes, underwater rugby is a legitimate sport – and surprisingly, it’s awesome. I originally stumbled across it one day when doing laps at the local pool. A bunch of people roped off the lanes next to me and started playing what seemed to be a much less scary version of water polo.


The game is not as rough as normal rugby, so it’s open to both guys and girls. Everyone wears snorkels, masks and fins – it’s pretty much like snorkelling only with fewer fish and a lot more tackling.

If you’re interested in playing, you can go here to find your nearest team. And hey, if you’re really good at it, you might even end up at the underwater rugby world championships! Apparently they’re in Columbia this year…

Anti Gravity Yoga

4. Anti-gravity yoga

The idea of anti-gravity yoga mostly terrifies me, because I was a wimpy child that never even learned how to do a cartwheel. Basically, you climb into a hammock and then hang out of it in various positions that are supposed to be revolutionary for your body. Luckily, the hammock is not too far off the ground, so if you fall out it won’t be *too* embarrassing.

Anti-gravity yoga is taking off all over Australia as we speak – google your city and you’re sure to find a studio near you that offers classes. You guys go ahead, I might stick with things that keep my feet on the ground…

5. Piloxing

Piloxing is the Sport of Choice for Victoria’s Secret Angels, and apparently Hilary Duff is also a fan. It’s the combination of boxing and Pilates – and since it was developed by a Swedish dance instructor, there are some sexy dance moves thrown in too. You wear weighted gloves to get a proper workout that works both your muscles and your core.

It’s taking off in Melbourne as we speak, but is yet to reach other areas of the country – click here to see locations.

6. Spin karaoke

Imagine doing a normal spin class – and add in some flashing lights, microphones and Mariah Carey. Ta-da! Spin karaoke. Apparently singing burns a whole lot of extra calories, and it suits all levels (of fitness AND singing ability).

To my great disappointment, I can’t find anywhere that does Spin Karaoke in Australia, and this seriously upsets me. A few places in the US have Spin Karaoke classes available, so I’m voting that we start a petition to bring it down under. Pronto. Our lives are all a little less bright without it.

Check out some other sports you probably haven’t heard of…

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