Netflix's new show attempts to manipulate someone into committing murder.

The Push, a new show coming soon to Australia via streaming service Netflix, is asking audiences to answer one slightly disturbing question.

And that question is, can a person really be be manipulated into committing murder?

The series is hosted by Derren Brown, a British mentalist and illusionist, and follows an unsuspecting individual who is unknowingly being filmed while surrounded by a group of 70 actors.

Before you do anything else, watch the trailer for The Push, coming soon to Netflix. 

During the series, Brown tells viewers that the man at the centre of the drama, Chris, needs to be “enmeshed in a web of lies.”  He then goes on to explain that, “I need him to feel like there’s only one way out when he’s told to commit murder”.

“The question we’re asking is simple: Can we be manipulated through social pressure to commit murder?” Brown intones as snippets of the experiment are played.

Netflix has described its newly acquired controversial series as a way for Brown to expose the psychological secrets of obedience and social compliance.

Now, just for a bit of context around Derren Brown’s past TV exploits, you should know that this is not the first time he’s pulled a shocking stunt on TV.

In 2003, Brown played a Russian roulette game on live TV as three million people in Britain watched on. With the cameras trained on him, Brown held a gun directly to his head and fired three times.

He then turned the gun away and blew a hole in a sandbag with the next round. As a way of explaining how he survived the death-defying stunt, Brown claims that he is a mind control expert, and said he could predict which chamber held the weapon’s single bullet.

Only time will tell how Netflix’s The Push will play out.

The Push will be available to watch in Australia via Netflix on February 27.