This mum left her toddler unsupervised for mere seconds, before getting a cruel shock.

Parents aren’t able to watch their children every second of the day.

For this mother, those unsupervised seconds were almost fatal.

In a YouTube video, which has since gone viral, a mum is seen pressing the button to open her automatic garage door, before turning back to attend to her baby.

The woman’s toddler, however, grabs onto the bottom of the ascending garage door, and is pulled along with it.

Image via YouTube.
Image via YouTube.
Image via YouTube.

Moments later, the mother turns around to the shriek (of either laughter or pure terror) of her young daughter, who is dangling from the top of the garage door.

The mother is able to place her daughter safely back on the ground.

While the video, and the comments, appear to be light-hearted, the result could have been fatal.

In August 2016, a social worker died after being crushed by an automatic garage door, reports The Sun

Heidi Chalkley asked her friend Susan Gilmore if she had ever held onto the door, and moments later, Gilmore watched on in horror as Chalkley rose three feet from the ground, and was crushed to death as the door pulled her in.

During the inquest in October, the jury heard that witnesses rushed to help, but it was too late.

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