The adorable moment Prince Harry helped a lost toddler track down his parents.

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While Meghan Markle’s incredible  fashion moments have been our highlight of the royal tour, Prince Harry’s interactions with children definitely come in a close second.

And now we’d like to alert you to the moment Prince Harry was filmed comforting a slightly disorientated toddler who had found himself on the wrong side of the barricade.

The prince was greeting royal fans when the young boy darted under the barricade and straight into Harry’s legs.

Thankfully, the moment was captured on Twitter by @miroirdelme.


After the moment of impact, Prince Harry can be seen immediately re-directing the child and guiding him back to his parents.

At one point he can be heard saying, “Guys… whose child is this?”

Thankfully, the boy was swiftly returned to his parents.

Day saved.

We document the Week 2 highlights of the royal tour and please can this not end?

Video by MMC

This was perfect parenting practise for Harry who is due to become a father in autumn 2019.

This adorable moment really was a wonderful way to wrap up the royal tour.

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