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The clue we all missed about The Bachelorette's Nathan from the very start.


The drama happened.

It was everything we hoped for and more.

Charlie and Nathan from The Bachelorette had a fight and how many times can a man wearing fake tan call someone else a “piece of sh*t” on national television?

Basically, it was a little bit like this (but with words):


There was also a lot of pointing.

It all went down at the rose ceremony, where all the good stuff happens (sorry, Osher, but we don’t care much for the boring dates).

Charlie (the potential stage 5 clinger) decided to rat Nathan out to Ali for bringing up the incident on ~the stairs~ involving Ali’s extremely bitter ex which we are not allowed to talk about.

It’s forbidden.

Apparently, a risque conversation between Nathan and *others* had taken place during the lads’ poolside chill time where for some reason no cameras were present. Which seems… unfair.

Ali confronted Nathan about what was said, and after a conversation which pretty much went nowhere, more yelling between Charlie and Nathan, and everyone standing around looking awkward, she sent him packing.


And we saw it all coming from episode one.



Cast your minds back to Nathan's entrance to the mansion, which involved: footage of him at the gym, footage of him talking about the gym, footage of him saying how much he likes Ali because she also goes to the gym.

"I actually wish Ali was the gym."

And, this comment:

"I know heaps about her from what I've seen in the media," the 23-year-old told the camera.


But, upon meeting Ali and gifting her with a giant, creepy teddy, one of the first things he said to her was:

"I honestly didn't read into you too much, because I wanted to get to know you organically."


We unpack Ali's latest week in the mansion on our Bach Chat podcast. Post continues after audio. 

You literally just said you know "heaps about her" from "what you've seen in the media".


And now you claim you've "not read much into her"?


Yep. We knew he would be the first one to bring up ~the stairs~.

...But we have one more question.

What happened to this guy?

Pls stop all the yelling and pointing.