As news broke of an active shooter in Nashville, Tammin Sursok got the call every parent dreads.

At 10.13am on Monday morning, police received a call warning of an active shooter at a primary school in Nashville, Tennessee's state capital. 

As news of the shooter spread, Aussie actor Tammin Sursok, who lives in the city with her husband and two daughters, received a phone call. 

"Today I got a call that I never thought would happen but at the same time expected because I live in the USA," the former Neighbours actor wrote in a post on Instagram. 

"My daughter’s school was on lockdown. There was an active shooter somewhere."

"A parent’s worst nightmare."

At the time, Sursok wasn't aware of the location of the shooter but knew it was close to her "daughter and/or her school".

That morning, a 28-year-old woman had walked onto the campus of The Covenant School which she had formerly attended as a student and opened fire. Sursok noted that The Covenant School is a "walk" from her daughter Phoenix's school. 

In a series of posts shared on her Instagram stories, Sursok shared other schools in the area were also placed in lockdown, with parents "trying to figure out what to do". 

"It's really close to home, I know it's close to home for a lot of you, it's close to home for us," the 39-year-old said in one of the videos. "I know a lot of mothers are just completely hysterical and shaking right now."


"I just can't believe this keeps happening, and you always think that it's not going to happen to you."

Image: Instagram@tamminsursok

During the shooting, three staff members and three children, who were all nine years old, lost their lives.

"Our community in Nashville is in shock. My thoughts and prayers are with the families going though this unimaginable tragedy," Tammin wrote on Instagram. 


Calling for change, the mother-of-two, who was born in South Africa and grew up in Australia, questioned why the US sells "weapons that can shoot hundreds of bullets in seconds?" 

"The argument when these horrific events happen is don’t get political, now is not the time, guns don’t kill people, people kill people. I call BS," she wrote. 

"I’m numb. I’m angry. I’m at a loss. Most of us are."

Tammin added that both sides of politics need to come together to find a solution to keep children safe. 

"I don’t care what side you are on. We can come together to AGREE to uphold the freedom of America and its constitution AND keep our children safe. We can do BOTH!"

"You know this doesn’t make sense. You know this isn’t normal. You know children shouldn’t live in fear like this."

"Something has to change. I know it does. You know it does. We know it does," she concluded the post.


The shooting at The Covenant School marks the 129th mass shooting in the US so far this year, according to the Gun Violence Archive.

There have been 89 school shootings - defined as anytime a gun is discharged on school property - in the country so far in 2023, according to the K-12 School Shooting Database.

Last May, 19 children and two teachers were killed in a shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.

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Feature Image: Instagram@tamminsursok