"I've found the best concealer for the dark circles under my eyes and I'm not going back."

I realised I’d probably, scratch that, definitely been using the wrong concealer when my Instagram feed became awash with how-to makeup videos. The one thing that really stood out was the colour of the concealers the beauty bloggers were using.

They were light – several shades lighter than the skin tone of the person applying them. The one I’d been using was pretty much exactly the same colour as my skin and did me no favours. I’d been matched with it at a makeup counter in my teens, had been using it religiously ever since, without ever really questioning whether it was working for me.

The kind of images I was seeing on my insta feed. Image: Instagram.

After seeing the videos, I realised it was time to start looking for a new concealer.

Like many women, my under eye area is noticeably darker than the rest of my face. I have some fine lines but my biggest concern has always been correcting the colour and not looking, you know, dead. I take quite good care of my skin and while I feel comfortable going make-up free, I often get comments that I look tired even when I might've had a good eight hours or more.

I'd been seeing a lot of NARS products around and heard a lot of good things so I went to Mecca Cosmetica with one product in my sights: the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. I'd read a lot of great reviews online and noticed it was the go-to product for a lot of makeup professionals so thought it was worth a shot. I got matched up to the shade Custard and I've never looked back.

Small tube, but packs a punch.

I don't think I even fully understood the magical powers of a good concealer until I discovered one that was like sleep in a tube.

To start with it's super easy to apply thanks to the wand applicator. After putting on my eye cream, I usually pop some NARS Illuminator in Orgasm under my eyes to assist with the colour correcting and help the concealer apply more seamlessly. Then I draw three to four lines under my eyes, on the bridge of my nose, in the middle of my forehead and down my chin.

I then press it into my skin in a patting motion with my finger, that's right, my finger. Yes, I can get a more airbrushed finish with a damp beauty blender but this is one of my favourite things about the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. It blends like perfection and doesn't settle into creases, even when you're not using fancy makeup tools. There is absolutely no way you can stuff it up.


 I then set my concealer with a brush of NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder and I'm done. If I'm going out I might bake a little under my eyes to make my concealer go the distance but usually I'm looking to get out the door as fast as I can so I default to my no fuss makeup routine.

I was even applying my makeup once in front of a friend and mid conversation, she stopped me and demanded to know what concealer I was using. She commented on how easily it blended into my skin and she was instantly sold without my needing to say another word. That's the power of a damn good concealer.

I sing its praises to anyone that will listen and now that I've found my holy grail of concealers, I'm not going back.

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