Yes, there’s a correct way to apply under-eye concealer. We weren’t doing it.

Image: iStock.

As Maybelline’s Makeup Director, you can bet that Nigel Stanislaus has seen it all. He’s made up famous faces and he’s directed the makeup at countless Fashion Week Shows. We caught up with Nigel on a rare break recently to talk about the beauty tricks his celebrity clientele want to steal, and why we should be dabbing not rubbing in our under-eye concealer (oops…).

What’s one beauty trick celebrities and models always want to steal from you?

“These girls cannot get enough of a white eyeliner on the inner rims of their eyes. It gives them a ‘bigger eye’ look and also makes them look fresher and more wide awake.”

When we apply concealer are we meant to rub it in or tap it on?

“I call this term, ‘press-blend’. The whole point of using concealer is so you can zero in on a flaw and keep the pigment in the same area. Rubbing can be too aggressive and moves the product too far from the blemish or area you’re trying to cover.

I very rarely rub anything into the face, unless it’s a lip balm or BB cream. Everything else, it’s good for the skin to pat it in. When you pat your products, that’s the quickest way to encourage absorption into your skin.”

(Brittany shows us how to perfect Adele’s ‘Hello’ makeup look. Post continues after video.)

How do you prep a model’s skin backstage before applying makeup?

“Apply a good cleansing water like Garnier Micellar Water ($12.95) using a good quality circular cotton pad. Apply anti-redness eye drops and massage in a good moisturiser. Finally, add Baby Lips balm and let all the ‘goodness’ absorb into the skin.”

What order should we put on makeup - eyes first or foundation first?

“There are two school of thoughts with this. You can do either way first. However, if you are doing a smokey eye, it's easier to do your eyes first. This way you don't have to clean the fall out twice.” (Just some of our smokey eye essentials. Post continues after gallery.) 

Have you tried micellar water?