In defense of the ingredient that repulsed all the contestants on My Kitchen Rules.

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We can all agree most of the good My Kitchen Rules drama is done for 2018, yeah?

After last week’s meltdown with Sonya and Hadil’s eviction from MKR and Suong’s scary hospitalisation on Tuesday night’s episode, it’d be hard for My Kitchen Rules to top those moments, right?


We would’ve said yes, but that was until the Russian team, Olga and Valeria, served up Ox Tongue.

More on that in a moment.

On Wednesday night’s episode, the friends from New South Wales were the last to cook for a place in the MKR finals, battling Jess and Emma who were in last place.


It was during this Super Dinner Party – the Russian Express – that Olga and Valeria decided to serve up some authentic Russian dishes not all of the dinner guests were entirely comfortable with.

For entree, Pete, Manu and the teams could choose either:

Dressed Herring Terrine (a.k.a pile of salty fish and a few other things) OR

Chebureki with ‘the spiciest relish ever’ (pastry/dough parcels with minced meat and onions inside).

The mains is where things got a little, erm, slimy.

First, Olga and Valeria offered guests a Solyanka Soup (spicy and sour smoked meat soup).

And the second option?

Ox Tongue in Apple Dough with Porcini Mushrooms.

mkr ox tongue
OK THEN. Image: Seven.
mkr ox tongue
Our thoughts exactly. Image: Seven.

"It's a funny organ to actually cook," Manu mussed. "You've got to braise it for a long time, then there's a thick skin you've got to peel off, then you can slice it - it's nice and spongy."

Not selling us, Manu.

For those who weren't watching, ox tongue (or beef tongue) is the tongue of a cow and it looks like a grey, pinky eel.

It's very high in fat and, like Manu said, has to be boiled or braised for a long time otherwise it can be tough to eat.

When it came time to serve the dish, not everyone was convinced.

Watch the Ox Tongue being cooked up, and what the contestants thought about it, below. Post continues after video.

Video by My Kitchen Rules

But in the end, Olga, Valeria and their Ox Tongue prevailed over Jess and Emma,  scoring 87, which earned them a place in the My Kitchen Rules final.


What a night, eh?

Have you ever tried Ox Tongue? What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

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