"My Instagram blew up overnight." How Gemma Crowe started a line of mother-daughter swimwear.


When I relaunched Infamous Swim and introduced the Mini Swim range, I just did not expect the response I got. My Instagram blew up, practically overnight! Ever since I was a teenager, design and fashion were at the forefront of my mind, but I never imagined that I could make so much of it. In 2014 I started my own homewares brand, and the doors to the world of fashion were opened. I set out to create my own swimwear label.

Inspired by my own lifestyle, as a mother of three, I released a line of swimwear of matching swimwear for mothers and their daughters. I don’t believe that being a mum means a beach uniform of rash shirts and sarongs. All women deserve swimwear that makes you feel sexy—without compromising your authenticity. A confident woman stands out naturally, so my goal is to inspire confidence.

The morning after releasing my designs on Instagram, I was bewildered by the response! In less than 24 hours, my designs were creating a whirlwind of interest. I picked up a whole pack of Instagram followers that are now numbering over 200k. People are loving the INFAMOUS & Mini Swim: a chic collection.

At the time, it went by so fast, and I felt like I had no idea how I ended up where I am. But now that a lot of the craziness and confusion has subsided, I have managed to put into words some insights into why Instagram worked for me. Let me share with you a few reasons why Instagram is now my main marketing tool.

It’s Personal.

Infamous Swim is a label for women who want to feel empowered in their swimwear no matter what stage of life. As a woman, this is mission is personal to me, as I hope to not provide swimwear that builds confidence, but empower other women in who they are from day to day. By sharing stories and celebrating others success, it can provide the confidence that people might not get anywhere else. Instagram makes it possible for me to be my own enthusiastic self. It gives authenticity to my brand and admirers and customers to relate in a personalised way. By becoming a consistent part of their social circles, my brand has a large impact and influence on more women.


Just look at some of the comments that I receive on my content. I consistently get comments like “What a gorgeous range!” and “Totally in love!”. This a result of my intentional enthusiasm, love and personality on ‘the gram’.

mother daughter swimwear
"It is a unique idea, inspired by me, that is becoming a now becoming increasingly trendy!" Image: Supplied.

It Inspires.

I can’t hope to compete with major swimwear brand like Seafolly by playing their game; so I created my own. By releasing a range that specifically caters to mum’s and mini’s, I actually stand out in the industry. It is a unique idea, inspired by me, that is becoming a now becoming increasingly trendy!


But who would buy them? That's where Instagram comes in. About 9 million Australians use Instagram regularly, and 6 million of those users are between 29 - 40s. Instagram gives me access to ‘young parent’ demographic that my brand will interest. Hashtags and other helpful features of the app make it even easier to connect with women who are in need of my kind of swimwear.

The current Australian retail environment is becoming more internet based day by day. This is great news for small businesses! Major corporations have a monopoly on selling a extensive range of items, but Instagram and social media have allowed small businesses to focus on specific, inventive and niche products. Instagram inspires creative business.

It's Easy.

Today, our kids are learning to swipe an Ipad screen before they learn to turn a page in a book. Technology, the internet and social media are becoming a part of us: how we communicate, relax and work. This means, for most people, it's easy! Scrolling through Instagram is second nature, ads on facebook videos are no longer questioned and we spend time with people online.

The ease of social media makes it a gold mine for small businesses. Once you have a niche business idea, exposing it to the right people on Instagram will mean relaxing as you watch your product market itself. Once a person clicks follow, you have a customer who is seeing your product daily. Every time someone tags my brand in their photo at the beach, their friends see my brand at its best. Don’t underestimate the power of ‘the gram’.

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