Fans have spotted a bizarre editing error in Friends and HOW DID WE NOT NOTICE?

Before Netflix or Stan, there was the original binge-worthy TV series, Friends. No one wants to think about how many hours we wasted watching fictional characters deal with fictional scenarios over and over and over again. No one.

But despite the sheer number of times we seem to have seen every single episode, there was a detail we missed. And an eagle-eyed fan has pointed it out.

A recent Reddit thread has unfolded a mistake the show made in the episode titled, “The One With The Cheap Dress” – where Monica chooses her wedding gown.

The first time the wedding dress was introduced to us, Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel were in a fancy wedding dress store where the bride-to-be tried on her dream dress. It’s pure white, halter neck, and decorated in sparkles.

Monica then cheekily says she’s planning to buy the exact dress for much cheaper at Kleinman’s, a discount store. Emphasis on exact.

So, cut to the scene where all three ladies race around Kleinman’s to find this dream dress of Monica’s. The exact dress.

Whistles are blown, rivals are fended off, and finally, Monica gets her hands on the exact dress she previously tried on.

But… wait a second.

There’s a problem.

The dress she ends up buying IS NOT the original dress she tried on at the beginning of the episode.

See for yourself.

Monica Friends wedding dress

"We see her searching and then exclaim to have found THE dress... but it's an entirely different dress!" the Reddit user wrote.

"It has capped sleeves and a different bodice, the original one being a halter neckline. We then see her later try on the dress and she's back in the original..."

But wait, the mistake gets even more confusing.


In one of the final scenes of the episode, Monica puts on the purchased dress for Chandler, and... what the - WE'RE BACK TO THE ORIGINAL DRESS.

Monica Friends wedding dress
Magic. Or an inconsistent prop person. Image: NBC.

It's bizarre how we can absentmindedly watch shows like these and not notice FUNDAMENTAL MISTAKES.

But something tells us we'll never be able to look at this episode the same way again.