Looking to save some money? We've all got $4000 worth of stuff lying around our homes.

Looking to save a bit of extra money? Low on spending money for your next holiday?

You’re in luck.

There’s a super easy way to make $4000 and it’s right in front of us.

According to the 2018 Gumtree Second Hand Economy report, Australians have a whopping $4200 worth of useless clutter taking up space in their homes.

In fact, we’re basically a nation of hoarders with 89 per cent of Australians possessing unwanted, useless items sitting in their homes collecting dust.

The main problem causers? Clothing, books, homewares, electronic goods, games, DVDs and CDs.

According to the new report, millennials have the most valuable unwanted items, like technology, leaving them with over $5000 in useless clutter.

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But when it’s time to get rid of these dust-collectors, millennials are best.

Over the past year, 61 per cent of millennials have sold their unwanted items for extra cash. It’s a win-win.

While some people turn to a ‘side hustle’ like additional or freelance work to earn an extra buck, selling unwanted items is a quick and easy way to earn some extra money.

Old smartphones and iPads and tablets are some of the easiest items to sell, and they can go for a decent price, even when secondhand.

According to Gumtree’s report, other popular secondhand items to sell include homewares, furniture, clothing, shoes and accessories.

Former The Block contestants Kyal and Kara Demmrich told Gumtree that re-storing and re-selling unwanted furniture is a great way to save a quick buck.

“We often have leftover building materials and people are genuinely stoked to pick up a bargain for their own home renovations,” they wrote in a blog.

Get selling, people.

You can thank us later.

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