The $90 (yes, really) wedding dress that's already flying off the shelves.

If there’s one thing that will instantly drive up your wedding budget, it’s THE dress.

Even the strictest and most self-controlled bride has been bewitched by her dream dress that came with a price tag one, two or even three figures more than she planned.

It won’t happen with this one.

Image: Missguided/Supplied

You see, budget fashion brand Missguided has released their third bridal collection and there's one dress in particular that's selling fast.

It's long-sleeved, with a slight-fishtail bottom and open back... and it costs just $90. Yes, really.

At that price, the bridal white long sleeve open back fishtail dress - try saying that three times fast - is not going to be made out of super fancy french lace or silk.

Image: Missguided/Supplied

But if you're looking for a stylish-looking wedding dress that a) won't break the bank, b) you can actually dance and drink the night away in without having to be too precious about it and c) you might genuinely wear again - this could be the one.

Available from a size four to a size 16, the long sleeve, high neck, low back and form-fitting-body-to-fishtail-bottom ticks all the modern wedding dress trends but will continue to look timeless in photos.

Depending on your height, it will either be floor length or just short enough to give a glimpse of those fabulous shoes you're going to wear with it.

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The collection also features several other wedding dress options including short, strappy or sequin made from premium materials including lined lace and luxe crepe, with the most expensive being $300 and the majority sitting at the $180 mark.

Designed for the "cool girl" they're statement-making dresses that won't break the bank.

More money for that bar tab?