Kate Upton wore three dresses to her wedding because that's what brides do now, ok?

Actress and model Kate Upton married baseball star Justin Verlander last month and if the pictures of their wedding in the rolling hills of Tuscany don’t make you seethe with jealousy, her wedding dress certainly will.

Correction: wedding dressES.

Yes, Kate Upton wore no less than three dresses to celebrate her marriage because that’s what brides do now, ok?

And when you see them, well, you’ll see which she couldn’t pick between the three.

The pair shared their pictures with VOGUE and they’re as beautiful as you’d expect.

The first dress Upton wore was a red lace-and-sheer-chiffon gown from Valentino for her red-themed rehearsal dinner. Guests were also asked to wear the bright shade.


“For my ceremony dress, I had the pleasure of collaborating with the fantastic team at Valentino,” the 25 year old told Vogue.

“They are the best at creating delicate, beautiful lace and details, and their Italian heritage kept the fashion and feel authentic to our venue. The design process was extremely collaborative, so I was able to really include my personal style and create my dream dress.”

The result was a dramatic and beautiful white full skirted gown, with a lace sleeves over a low cut bodice.


Her third and final outfit change was as modern as her main dress was classic.

“I wanted a dress that I could have fun in, but that still brought the glamour. I worked with Christy Rilling Studio to create exactly what I’d envisioned,” she told the magazine.


The diamond-covered sheer dress featured a sash detail that draped over one shoulder front and back and a thigh high split – perfect for breaking it down on the dancefloor.

In a recent appearance on The Tonight Show, the newly married couple shared that they’d actually come very close to missing their own wedding.

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With their wedding booked for Saturday 4th November in Italy, baseball player Verlander was called up to play a finals game in the US on November 2nd. Upton wanted to be there to cheer him on, so the pair had to race to make it to the church (or even Tuscany) on time.

They made it. Just.

“Everybody is in Italy! Everyone is at the venue! We had an event that night and everyone’s texting us, saying your wedding is so pretty. Wish you were here!” Upton said.