The Wilking family say they lost Miranda to a cult. Now she says her 'life has been put in danger'.

Two weeks since Dancing with the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult premiered on Netflix, one subject of the documentary has spoken out about the aftermath.

Miranda Derrick's family claimed in the docuseries that the TikTok star was in a cult, along with her husband James Derrick. Since the series has exploded in popularity on the platform, Miranda says that her and her husband's "lives have been put in danger".

The three-episode series includes interviews with the family members of a group of TikTok dancers who work under the talent management company called 7M which is run by Shekinah church leader, Robert Shinn. Derrick's family features most prominently in the series, as Miranda's parents and her former TikTok collaborator sister Melanie Wilking claim that Miranda has been brainwashed by Shinn.

Along with allegations about the 7M dancers, former church members have accused Shinn of sexual assault, coercion, brainwashing, and physical and emotional abuse.

Watch the trailer for the Dancing with the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult. Post continues after video.

Video via Netflix.

Miranda and James remain with 7M to this day.

Given just how serious the allegations are about Shinn, there's been mounting backlash online against anyone who supports the controversial leader — and it's had huge consequences for Miranda.


"I know I don’t normally make this kind of content," Derrick said in a video shared on her Instagram on Tuesday.

"I just wanted to be transparent and a little vulnerable with you. Before this documentary, my husband and I felt safe. Now that this documentary is out, we feel like our lives have been put in danger. We have both been followed in our cars, we have received hate mail, death threats, people have been sending us messages to commit suicide, and we’ve been stalked."


Derrick shared a range of alleged threatening messages she’s received. "Someone said that, if I see you on the street, I’m going to come and get you so you better get security," she claims.

"Someone also said that, if I see you walking on the sidewalk, I’m going to come and shove you in the trunk of my car."

Some of the other text messages which she included in the video included racist abuse about her husband.

Miranda has shared that the documentary has further fractured her relationship with her family. "I don’t understand how my parents and my sister thought that this documentary would help me or our relationship in any way," she said.

She went on to claim that she had a healthy relationship with her family leading up the series, something her sister Melanie refuted in Dancing with the Devil, claiming their relationship was staged for social media.


"I have been getting together with my family for the past couple of years, privately, to work on our relationship, to make things right, to mend what has been broken. I’ve been loving getting together, laughing, just enjoying each other’s company. And this documentary has made it very difficult to continue doing that," Miranda said.

This isn't the first time Miranda has spoken out about the documentary. After its release, the professional dancer shared a video and statement on Instagram to condemn the series.

"I will state that I do not condone abuse in any way. I cannot speak for anyone else, but myself," she said. "I love my Mum, Dad and Melanie and they will forever be a part of my life. The truth is, we just don’t see eye to eye at this time. I believe that this documentary is a one-sided story."

Dancing with the Devil has become one of Netflix's surprise success stories for 2024 — the series was viewed by 4.4 million people during the first week of its release.

Feature image: Netflix/Instagram/@itsmirandaderrick.

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