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SHARE: Your favourite moment ever with your mum

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Want to know a secret?

I like to act all tough and independent, but really – the first thing I do when anything goes wrong is run to my mum.

It’s fortunate that I live with her, because this makes it quite straightforward to complain to her whenever I see fit. And even if I’m not at home – she is the only person whose mobile number I’ve memorised (sorry boyfriend) and I call or text her whenever anything’s gone astray. Plane delayed, stuck in traffic jam, difficult uni tutorial… anything.

She usually takes the opportunity to lecture me on how much socialising I do (too much) and how many hours of sleep I get (not enough), but what are mums for if they can’t mention your wellbeing at least six hundred times per conversation?

There are not enough words I can use or examples I can give to explain just how amazing she is – and I think that’s the case with most mums. They do so much for us that we simply can’t thank them enough for.

I asked the Mamamia editorial team to play the Appreciation Game and share their own favourite memories of their mothers – or, if they couldn’t think of a specific memory, their favourite thing about their mums…

Jamila Rizvi, Editor

During my final university exams, I moved back home – away from the noise and fun of my housemates – so I could concentrate on cramming. The night before my final (and 3 hour) law exam, I got so anxious I couldn’t sleep. I was totally overwhelmed by the idea if was almost over and I woke my mum up at 5am, teary and exhausted. She sat with me while I slept a few more hours, then made me breakfast and pulled me away from the books and made me walk to the lake and feed the ducks. Then she gave me a glass of wine and sent me to my exam. I did fine and was reminded of my amazing mum’s special brand of wisdom: “Nothing is the end of the world, take your time and everything will work out”.



Melissa Wellham, Editorial Assistant

It’s not a specific memory, but whenever I’ve had a particularly hard day I like to call up to my mother and vent. She has to put up with all the gory details. Me complaining for 20 mins about a customer at work who had a ridiculously specific coffee order, delivered in a snide tone of voice. Or the drama of my extended friendship circle, and who said what to who and when and why. Etc. She always listens to my rambling ranting without interruption, and then gives me great advice at the end of my tirade. (Thanks, Mum!)



Nicky Champ, Style & Beauty Editor

My poor mother, she was probably just getting used to not worrying about me when I called her in the early hours of the morning nearly two years ago. I informed her in between groans that I was in indeed in labour and about to have a baby and no, my husband wasn’t there (I can’t remember exactly what I said but it probably wasn’t very eloquent). She’s always been more of a let’s all panic type but it was an incredible experience to have my mother supporting me at the birth of my first child, a daughter.




Lucy Ormonde, Deputy Editor

I know it’s cliche, but my mum’s my best friend. I tell her everything. We don’t live in the same city at the moment, but that doesn’t stop us talking at least once (sometimes three or four) times a day. Whenever I go back to Melbourne, I’ll get a text on my way to the airport that says “My girl’s coming home”. And whenever I walk off the plane, she’s standing at the gate jumping up and down with excitement – even if it’s only been three weeks since I was home before.



And as for my own favourite memory?

I was babysitting one weeknight and finished up really late – probably about one o’clock in the morning. I hopped in my car to drive home, rolled down the windows of the car (it was a warm evening) and was driving down a main road when I happened to look to my left… just in time to see a GIANT spider crawling through the open passenger-side window and into the car.

I pulled over, turned off the car and got out. Then I called my mum.

“There’s a spider in my car,” I said. “I am not driving any further. Ever again.”

She was a little bit confused, having been woken from her slumber, but quickly figured out where I was. And then she got out of bed, got in her car and drove to pick me up. THEN she drove my spider-infested car home while I drove her nice non-spidery car home. THEN she even checked it out with a torch to make sure that I wouldn’t get attacked the next day. THEN she went to work the next day, even after getting zero sleep.


And she didn’t even complain or tell me that I was a complete idiot.

That’s love.



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Who is the most inspirational mother figure in your life? Come and share a memory…