Tie Dye, ruffles print: Mamamia recaps the Melbourne Cup 2020 fashion.

Mamamia understands that Australians have diverse views when it comes to events like the Melbourne Cup. You can read more about the facts around horse racing in 2020 here.

It's November, and among the many contentious events happening early this month - hello, US election - it's Melbourne Cup week.

The reality is, on Melbourne Cup Day and in the lead-up to the main event, there are still lots of famous people getting dressed up.

This year, Myer Fashions on the Field has been replaced with Fashions on Your Front Lawn. Meaning yes, celebrities and influencers are standing outside their homes, getting photographed and... heading inside to take the whole get up off again.

So, we just really need to debrief, because these COVID-safe takes of historic, annual events are kind of a high point of 2020. Here goes...

Roxy Jacenko

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Ready! 🐎

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Ok this look is quite the nod to her six hours on SAS Australia last month. AND it appears to be waterproof. 

Snezana Wood

There's a lot we need to unpack here.


Firstly, let it be known we think this look is beautiful. On Snezana.

But it's also very impractical.

And while we're here, we'd also like to boycott plain headpieces. The funny hats are our favourite part of the races and this whole situation is just making us feel a little silly.

We don't all get to look this nice Snez.

Bambi Northwood-Blyth

Well, model Bambi Northwood-Blyth's outfit just makes us really happy. 

Look at it:


10/10 for this pretty dress and matching hat combo. 

That's all.

Bec Judd's daughter, Billie.

We'd like to take a moment to point out that Melbourne Cup fashion is widely dominated by adult women, and if you didn't think that was a problem...


You should. 

This has got to be one of the most beautiful looks of the day. 

Please link us to this dress because we need it. 

Nadia Bartel

Are you ready for the return of diamante studs? Because Nadia is.


In another 90s throwback, she gave us rainbow pastels.

This dress is the glam equivalent of that tie dye sweatshirt you've been wearing since March.


For Derby Day, an event that's traditionally about wearing black and white, she nailed at least half the brief:

So sleek. Very smart. Vaguely.. funereal.

And because there are no crowds at home, there are no sneaky paps to capture a slip-up.

That makes this look a 10/10 for elegance, and a 3/10 for slit practicality. 

Aka the perfect front lawn lewk.


Olivia Molly Rogers 

We don't have much to say about Olivia Molly Rogers' outfit. It's fine.

But we do have a lot to say about our absolute favourite element of the look, which is her matching chow chow, Ziggy.

The hero of Melbourne cup. Image: Instagram/oliviamollyrogers


Just show-stopping.

In other looks from Cup Week, Olivia has donned an all blue blazer and pants combo:

And a blue patterned dress with a NYE-fireworks-vibe headband to top it off. 


Crystal Kimber

Next up we have Fashions on the Field regular Crystal Kimber, who has become something of a racing celebrity for her stellar outfits.

Crystal wore another all black look, and she does not have time for waiting around. She decided to get her daily neighbourhood walk in while being snapped, and we're here for the multi-tasking.


Other highlights from her outfits this week include this spiky number:

And a very coordinated pink outfit to match a floral arrangement.



Shathie Nkoni Molelekwa

Okay. This is what we've really been waiting for. 

Melbourne mum Shathie Nkoni Molelekwa came for the Melbourne Cup and slayed it.

Shathie shared that Melbourne was in "the thick of stage four lockdown" when she began planning the outfit - her only resources being "(her) creativity and confirmation from (her) boys."

"I wanted people to look at my outfit and want to know more about me, the REAL me: a woman who carries both her African and Western values with grace, wherever she goes."

Not to pick favourites, but we're obsessed.

Feature Image: Instagram.