Meghan Markle's gorgeous everyday makeup look is courtesy of... Meghan Markle.

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You’d assume marrying into the British Royal family would mean never having to touch a blow-dryer or blush brush ever again. What with all the staff waiting on you [manicured] hand and foot.

But it seems the newest member of the House of Windsor is intent on keepin’ it real, at least when comes to her beauty routine.

According to Daniel Martin, celebrity makeup artist and good friend of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, after years of red-carpet events and television makeup, the former Suits star now prefers to put her own face on.

“She’s gotten more comfortable doing her own makeup. She loves makeup and she’s good at it!” he told PEOPLE.

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Still, while she might be pretty handy with a palette, when it came to her May wedding to Prince Harry, the 37-year-old wasn’t quite prepared to go it alone.

[A practice definitely, maybe referred to in beauty circles as ‘chucking a full Kate Middleton’; a nod to the Duchess of Cambridge’s decision to DIY her makeup for her 2011 nuptials.]

And that’s where Martin came in. He was the man behind Meghan’s headline-grabbing, pared-back aesthetic. You remember. Flawless skin, subtle pink lip, freckles on full display.

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“She couldn’t have a ton of makeup on because it would look so different in every variable, so less is more," Martin said of his handiwork. "It was literally skin care, a bit of foundation selectively and concealer, but that’s when you really saw her skin come through.”

Martin's go-to product for this effect is Dior Backstage Foundation (c. $70).

"It has this beautiful medium coverage to the skin that looks like skin," he told INSIDER. "It gives you that really beautiful radiance that everybody wants, that they think they need a lot of time to do, but they actually don't."

Yep. While everyone else is slapping on contour and highlighter and Spackfilla just to go to the pub, Meghan used "a bit" of foundation and concealer to get married in front of an audience of roughly two billion.

So intent is the Duchess on looking au natural that Martin said you'll never catch her with a bold lip.

“The one time she did a red lip, she just didn’t feel comfortable in it," he told PEOPLE. "She likes to talk and she’s not a fussy person, so she doesn’t want to have to worry about anything."

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