The important moment you may have missed as Meghan and Harry left their reception.

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There was a lot to take in at the royal wedding – Meghan Markle’s stunning dress and makeup, the preacher who stole the show, and of course, the adorable young bridesmaids and page boys.

But along the way, there were a few moments we missed. And in some of these moments, Meghan Markle defied conventions, bringing a feminist edge that has never been seen before at a British royal wedding.

Following the formal ceremony at St. George’s Chapel, the couple travelled by horse-drawn carriage to Windsor Castle for the afternoon reception.

As the reception concluded,Harry and Meghan, now known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, hopped into a silver blue Jaguar convertible, with Harry opening the door for his wife.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex left their afternoon reception in a Jaguar convertible. Image: Getty.

But here's the moment you may have missed.

After Harry let her in, Meghan reached over and opened the door for her husband, in an act that demonstrated Meghan's commitment to equality within her new marriage.

The 36-year-old former Suits actress strongly identifies herself as a feminist and is continuing to do so, even with her newfound royal status.

At just 11-years-old, Meghan was so infuriated by a sexist TV ad for dish washing liquid that she wrote letters to Hilary Clinton and Gloria Allred about it. Eventually, the ad's slogan changed.

From this early experience, Meghan has maintained a committment to making a difference – and she did just that at the royal wedding.


From walking halfway down the aisle solo, to changing her vows, and doing her own speech at the reception, Meghan is bringing a feminist edge to one of the world's most traditional institutions one step at a time.

The newly-married royal couple have been outspoken about having an equal partnership in the past, but with Meghan's move to open the car door for her new husband, it's clear they'll be pursuing it even as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.