The two Aussie baby names Harry and Meghan are considering for their future child, maybe.


More than a month after Meghan Markle’s pregnancy announcement, Prince Charles has hinted at some hilarious potential baby names.

Although Meghan and Prince Harry are tipped to name their baby something traditional, like Victoria or Philip, Prince Charles joked that the couple might even pick an Aussie-inspired name for their first child.

“Ladies and gentlemen, my son Harry tells me that during their recent tour of Australia, he and his wife were offered countless thoughtful suggestions for the naming of their forthcoming baby,” Prince Charles said while speaking at Australia House in London.

“Just between us, I suspect that Kylie and Shane may possibly make the shortlist,” he joked.

“But ladies and gentlemen, I would not hold your breath for Edna or Les.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting their first child in Spring.

Meghan and Harry announced they were expecting while on tour in Australia. Image: Getty.

While there have been murmurs of an a unspoken rule that those in line for the throne must name their children after past kings or other royal ancestors, those not in direct succession have much more freedom – which means Harry and Meghan don’t necessarily have to choose a traditional name (even though they probably will).

Despite their increased freedom, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will still need to get their chosen name approved by the Queen.

According to royal commentator Victoria Arbiter, Queen Elizabeth must know the name before it is released publicly to ensure it is “suitable”.

“Royals, however, also have to consider the great responsibility in naming a new member of the family and I expect they want to be a hundred per cent certain of their choice before announcing the name and sealing the baby’s place in history,”  Arbiter told Town and Country.

According to UK bookies, the hot favourites are unfortunately not Kylie and Shane.

But they are bound to please the Queen.

Bookies are tipping names including Victoria, Arthur, Albert, Diana, Elizabeth and Philip – all names with strong links to the family.

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