People are convinced Meghan Markle just dropped a big clue about her baby's due date.


We know Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby is expected in Autumn next year – but some people think the Duchess of Sussex may have given away exactly which month within it.

You see, some observers with very keen eyes have noticed something potentially significant in the rings the 37-year-old was wearing on her right hand while at an event in Sydney on Saturday.

On one of her fingers were three stacked rings with different jewels, that look to be an green peridot, a sapphire and in the middle of them a diamond.

Meghan Markle rings
Meghan's green, diamond and blue stacked rings. Image: Getty

Now, stick with us, because some royal watchers on Twitter think these jewels might actually be birthstones.

Peridot would be Meghan's, whose birthday is in August. Sapphire is Prince Harry's for September. And diamond is the birthstone for April - which just so happens to be an Autumn month.


If the royal couple were expecting their first child to be born in April, this would make the duchess between 10 and 14 weeks pregnant - which does differ oh-so-slightly from the information we have so far.

Early in the royal tour Meghan and singer Missy Higgins, who has a young baby, had a chat at Admiralty House in Sydney. After it, Missy wrote on her Instagram that the duchess was a "trooper" for her being so busy "while four months pregnant" - potentially giving away something she shouldn't have.

And if Meghan was four-months-pregnant, that would actually make her due date more like mid to late March.

The Mirror reports the rings are designed by the Canadian jeweller Ecksand - and are sold separately, so we at least know that Meghan - or whoever gave them to her - chose those rings specifically.

However, the green ring could also be emerald - which is the birthstone for May and doesn't quite fit with the theory.

So perhaps there is a case for the jewels just being ones that Meghan liked.

What do you think?