The affectionate moment we missed at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's latest appearance.


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PDA is not something we see too much of when it comes to the British royals.

But while Prince William and Kate Middleton are rarely affectionate in public, newlyweds Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are very different.

From sharing a kiss at Harry’s charity polo match to being photographed at countless events hand in hand, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are not afraid to show off a little affection in public.

Attending the WellChild Awards earlier this week, Meghan and Harry met with inspirational children and their caregivers.

But although the couple shared dozens of sweet exchanges with the award-winning children at the event, all eyes were on the couple’s loving PDA.

Speaking to 10-year-old Scarlett at the event, who was awarded for taking care of her sister with a disability, Harry was captured affectionately rubbing Meghan’s back.

You can watch a clip of the sweet moment below.


PDA is not exactly a common practice among the royals, but there are no formal rules against getting a little lovey-dovey in public.

Speaking to People, royal etiquette expert Myka Meier explained that PDA is up to the Duke and Duchess’ own preference.

“Senior members of the royal family would likely not be told how to interact or when they can or can not show PDA and would be trusted to use their better judgement as to when it’s appropriate,” Myka explained.

“The royals often adjust PDA to mirror the formality of the event they are attending,” she added.

At the event on Wednesday night, the couple also met with four-year-old Inspirational Child winner Mckenzie Brackley.

“They were so lovely,” Mckenzie’s mother Amy told Hello Magazine“They knew he [Mckenzie] was scared of the camera and they said they didn’t like the cameras either so they turned around.”

“They said he was amazing and to keep going the way he is going and told him to look after me,” Amy added.