Harry and Meghan really want you to know they aren't breaking up.

Not sure if you've noticed, but something weird is happening with Harry and Meghan.

Sure, okay. 'Something weird is happening with Harry and Meghan' might be the most evergreen sentence of recent times. But currently, people think something *extra* weird is happening with Harry and Meghan. And if there is... can we get Oprah on a plane to Montecito, California ASAP?

You see, the pair recently released a video promoting internet safety.

Great! A cause we can all get behind!

In it, they look nice. It's filmed in their garden, maybe somewhere near the entwined palm trees they think represent their love. And they spend their time calling young people who have been awarded money to support their goal of making the internet less of a hellfire.

It's gone down well with the masses. People have been nothing but supportive. Not one person has watched the video about being mean on the internet and used it as a reason to be mean on the internet. I'm kidding, obviously. This rather innocuous, truly not-very-newsworthy video has enraged plenty of people, because... well, it's them.

Criticism of the video includes that they seem controlled and unnatural in their 10ish seconds of screen time. Social media comments from people who hate them, and yet also spend their time on them, include 'Meghan not once makes eye contact with Harry' and 'this Instagram video does not have Netflix-level production value', which are obviously extremely reasonable responses.

Image: Instagram/@Archewell.


Mostly, the dominant position is that this is a PR stunt to push back against their... 37856th round of bad press. 

ICYMI: recent headlines range from '(false) rumours about their Netflix deal ending' to 'X reasons they're about to break up'.

In July, American outlet RadarOnline claimed the pair were on a "trial separation" as Harry "doesn't fit in Meghan’s tacky Tinseltown world".

Insert eye roll here.

The narrative was that they were having money woes and battling through a series of downward spirals, including the very public implosion of their Spotify content deal, which had strained the relationship.

Another source debunked that the following day, telling Page Six it was "literally made up". But that's not as fun a story for the internet, and luckily, a slew of recent headlines can be perfectly molded to fit the more juicy path.

In late June, The Sun reported that Harry is planning a solo trip to Africa to film a Netflix documentary inspired by his mother, Princess Diana. 

Again, the story is more fun if you ignore the fact that this plan is currently on hold because of the ongoing writer's strike, and also, that partners rarely go on their spouse's work trips.


But you can guess the takeaway: he needs time away from his wife, preferably in Botswana.

In early August, Meghan was reportedly missing from her friend Serena Williams' baby shower - after another report swirled claiming she had fallen out with other famous friends including David and Victoria Beckham, and George and Amal Clooney.

Everyone here is far too famous to dignify reports with an official response, which is fine, because this fun little tale doesn't need facts.

These reports have come via 'sources', of course. But thread together, they do pose a compelling tale of a toxic brand, if not a toxic couple. They're done-zo! They're friendless! They're smiling down the phone at teenagers against cyberbullying but not at each other!

No wonder those private, 0 follower Instagram accounts are asking about their divorce in the comments section. And to be fair to them - a friendly, showy promotional video is certainly a fabulous PR move if you're hoping to kick the can down the road until you're ready to make an official relationship announcement.

But, maybe the truth of the matter is that they're just an occasionally irritating, overly earnest married couple, who have ups and downs like the rest of us and also happen to live the strangest of lives, where a work trip and an anti-cyberbullying stance is to be distrusted.

But if something weird is happening, well, at least they've still got the Netflix deal to tell us about it.

Feature image: Getty/Mamamia.

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