Oh no. Meghan and Harry's baby will be a Taurus and we know exactly what they'll be like.


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Oh… no.

We’re sorry Meghan and Harry, but it looks like your baby might be a Taurus (unless he/she decides to wait until May 21 and we’re not allowing that).


While we don’t know much about the royal baby, we do know the little tacker will be popping out any day now (if he/she hasn’t already been born, that is), which means they’re likely to be a Taurus.


If you’re not versed in the language of horoscopes, Taureans – symbolised by the bull – are known to be stubborn, strong-willed, and big fans of nice things.


In other words, they’re the feisty ones with the best clothes. (Shout out to our bull mates out there).

Sitting in the same zodiac sign are celebrities Miranda Kerr, Gigi Hadid, Channing Tatum, Jerry Seinfeld, and, oh, The Queen. 

Pretty good company if you ask us.

Here are six known attributes of a Taurus:

1. They have a reputation for being “stubborn”.


We sense another ~royal feud~ on our hands. But with which one of Kate Middleton and Prince Williams’ three kids?

2. They’re a little… melodramatic.

Sounds like Frogmore Cottage is going to see some bloody big tantrums.

3. They consider “treating themselves” a lifestyle, not a hobby.


…We can’t imagine this translates to eating an entire block of chocolate and doing a face mask as like us commoners. It will be much more… royal. The lucky bugger.

4. They usually don’t have many friends.

(But this means they’re usually “quantity over quality.”)

5. They can be control freaks.

Taureans commit to things 110 per cent, which means they’re not the most flexible people in the world.

But, hey, they get sh*t done.


6. They can come across as argumentative.

But boy do we love a fiery royal.

Look, we feel the need to point out we don’t truly believe your horoscope dictates your personality, so we don’t actually think Harry and Meghan’s baby is going to be a jerk.

(At least not for a few years anyway).

Now hurry up and come out little Taurus so we can finally meet you.