The 15 lessons we learned from Mean Girls in honour of its 15th anniversary.


It’s been 15 whole years since Mean Girls debuted in cinemas, and it’s fair to say our lives were made better by this piece of cinematic mastery.

Lines from the iconic teen film are still being quoted as gospel a decade and a half on. In fact, you could say “the limit does not exist” when it comes to how far the script in entrenched in our collective vocabulary.

In honour of its 15th anniversary, here are 15 lessons we learned from Mean Girls.

So fetch!

This is what the Mean Girls cast looked like in 2018… OH GOODNESS WE FEEL OLD.

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1. You can win most arguments with the following comebacks…


“She doesn’t even go here!”

“Boo, you whore…” Only applicable in certain context.

“You can’t sit with us.”

“I’m sorry that people are so jealous of me. But I can’t help it that I’m popular.”

“Your mom’s chest hair!” Also only applicable in certain context.



2. Amy Poehler is the ultimate cool mom.


Amy Poehler as June George will forever go down as one of the best movie mums.

She’s very supportive of Regina’s dancing and ensures her daughter practices safe sex, because June isn’t a “regular mom,” she’s a “cool mom”.


3. And matching velour track suits are always in.

Even better if they’re pastel pink.


4. Never put anything mean in writing.

Aside from the obvious fact that burn books are the worst, they also leave a paper trail. And one that could monumentally blow up in your face.

mean girls quotes
Image: Paramount Pictures.

5. Never go to a costume party alone.

While we're hoping that high school protocol has evolved from simply 'dressing slutty' at Halloween, Cady Heron's outfit for Chris Eisel's party serves as a cautionary tale for all of us.

Wear whatever the heck you want, but safety in numbers is an understated life lesson.

mean girls quotes
Rookie mistake. Image: Paramount Pictures.

 6. October 3 is a date to be celebrated.

For those out of the loop, October 3 was the day Aaron Samuels asked Cady Heron for the date and it's now officially known as Mean Girls Day.

Mark it in your calendar and wear pink to celebrate (even if it's not a Wednesday).


7. Four-way conversations never end well.

Karen Smith (Amanda Seyfriend) got herself into a bit of a pickle when she got caught bitching about Gretchen to Gretchen when she thought she was on the phone to Regina.

This wouldn't have happened in a group WhatsApp chat. You'd hope.

mean girls quotes
More phones... more problems. Image: Paramount Pictures.

8. The limit does not exist.

This not only applies for select mathematical equations, but life in general.


9. Teachers don't get paid enough. Period.

Principal Ron Duvall (Tim Meadows) and calculus teacher Ms Sharon Norbury (Tina Fey) had to restore order to the school when the teenagers went crazy post-Burn Book. And Ms Norbury had to have a second job? Couldn't pay us enough.

mean girls quotes
Teenagers are nightmares and teachers are saints for dealing with them. Image: Paramount Pictures.

10. Look both ways before crossing the street.

Stop, look and listen. Always. Just ask Regina George.

mean girls quotes
Prom is difficult in a head brace. Although June George still manages to make it work. Image: Paramount Pictures.

11. A sure-fire way to get out of any plan.

If you need to get out of going to a dinner with friends or after work drinks with colleagues, repeat after us:

"I can't go out. I'm sick *cough, cough*."


12. Don't make out with a hot dog.

Even if it was just 'one time,' people will remember.

In actual fact, it was originally scripted that Amber D'Alessio had "masturbated" with said hot dog, but that was considered too risque for the film's PG13 rating.

The more you know.


13. The projection room above the auditorium is not the best place to have sex

We'll leave it at that.

mean girls quotes

14. Don't eat foods when you can't read the ingredients.

Not only did we learn that butter is not a carb (although best enjoyed spread thickly on carbs), Mean Girls also reminds us to not eat food with mysterious ingredients and labels in different languages. Especially those that aren't legal under FDA (Food and Drug Association) laws.

Case in point: Regina George starts eating Swedish Kalteen bars after Cady tells her it'll help her lose weight, but they do the exact opposite.

Google Translate could've prevented this whole situation but sadly that technology didn't come into existence until 2006.


15. Fetch will never happen.

Controversial opinion but it's been 15 years and 'fetch' still won't happen.

Even though it kind of already has?

We'll let you be the judge of that one.


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