Grab your wallet, Krispy Kreme and Maxibon now have delicious cross-over treats.


There are two things in this world that will that will never let you down. They are there for you when you need them and they are consistently incredible. Maxibons and Krispy Kremes are there for you.

For many of us, there is a familiar dilemma as you stand in 7-Eleven, your sweet tooth throbbing, when you can’t decide between a doughnut and an ice cream.

Your friends are outside, waiting. Pressure’s on.

But now, you will no longer have to stand at the counter at 7-Eleven wondering which one you want for dessert, because a miracle has occurred. You can have both. 

The first outrageously incredible treat is a Maxibon ice cream sandwich infused with the perfect flavour of a Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnut. The second, equally as mouth-watering, dessert is a Maxibon infused Krispy Kreme doughnut. We’re talking a light vanilla chocolate chip crème with milk chocolate coating and Maxibon biscuit on top.


The treats were developed by an actual food technologist, Tasha Kaur, who said Krispy Kreme “wanted to create an awesome representation of the classic MAXIBON® in a doughnut that our customers would love.”

The treats are limited edition and available exclusively from today, July 31, at 7-Eleven and Krispy Kreme stores, so get in quickly.


You doughnut want to miss this.

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