Trishna was taking a photo with an icecream, when she noticed something familiar in the background.

Yes, well.

It seems life sometimes imitates… memes.

You see, Trishna Pema was taking a photo of herself, holding an icecream in Venice, when she noticed something in the background.

It… it… looked very familiar.

It’s basically the real life version of the distracted man meme.

Here’s the slow motion version for you:

The distracted man meme.
distracted man meme
Trishna's real life distracted man. Image: Twitter.

Trishna then shared the photo in a group chat, and her friend Amahle Mnyamana, 16, shared it on Twitter.

"As we were walking along St. Mark’s Square we got some ice cream and my sister decided it was a good photo opportunity," 16-year-old Trishna told BuzzFeed News.

"She randomly snapped a couple photos of me," she said. "Later, we scrolled through the photos and noticed the couple in the background.

"We immediately noticed the similarity between the pic and the meme!"

The photo, of course, immediately went viral.

Here's how Twitter reacted:



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