Mat Rogers on how 'the biggest blindside in Australian Survivor history' actually went down. 

If you’re wondering what was going through Mat Rogers’ head during the filming of Australian Survivor’s ‘biggest blindside in history’ episode last night, two words definitely sum it up:

“Oh sh*t.”

The former NRL player and Survivor powerhouse’s dramatic exit at the hands of Benji shocked viewers and had Twitter abuzz with opinions.


Even Osher weighed in:


If you didn’t catch the spicy ep, here’s what went down:

Mat, who was a fan favourite and considered a front-runner for sole survivor, was voted out by the majority of contestants in a conniving yet brilliant move orchestrated by resident snake Benji.

But it wasn’t without its controversy, with a jaw-dropping immunity idol play by Sharn, who had attempted to save Mat before Benji butt in and convinced her to play the idol for herself.

How did that?

"I remember sitting there and Benji sort of piping up to tell Sharn not to play the idol for me, and I remember thinking 'what's going on' and trying to compute in my head, then all I remember is watching the names read out and I was like: 'Oh shit...' then it was all over," Mat told Mamamia.

You see, earlier in the episode, while Benji worked his magic convincing Brian and Monika to turn on Mat, Sharn had found herself a hidden immunity idol.

...Until it fell out of her pants during a challenge.

So, to ensure his bid to eliminate Mat was executed perfectly, Benji convinced Sharn to use the idol on herself because she may have 'a target on her back'.

Speaking to Mamamia, Mat said the reason he didn't use his own hidden immunity idol to save himself as the controversy unfolded around the campfire was because he "couldn't compute what was going on." Which is... fair enough - it was quite a complex plan.

"What is...happening?"

"Sharn knew they were going to vote for me and she didn't tell me, so she obviously got there and thought 'well, I'm gonna play this idol for Mat because I know they're coming to get him' but I didn't know that, and she didn't know I had an idol myself... It was a tricky one."

"What makes it harder than what it looks is that you're tired, you're hungry, you're not using your mind as well as you may when you're fed and well-rested, you're just trying to get to the next point," he added.

While viewers took to Twitter to praise Benji's mastermind, labelling his attack on Mat "one of the most villainous moves in Survivor history", some were confused by how he was actually allowed to get away with talking during tribal council when not addressed - which is usually forbidden.


"To a degree [I think it was unfair], I mean there's probably merit in what people are saying because I didn't think anyone was allowed to talk... but it happened, you're not gonna change it. It's like a referee blows a penalty - you can argue but the penalty is staying," Mat said.

What a good sport.

Overall, Mat has no regrets whatsoever, saying he went into the show "completely as [himself]".

"I loved every bit of it, and I still love all the guys in the show, even Benji. I don't begrudge him - he had to get rid of me, it's the way the game's played."

His good-guy attitude just makes us even more upset that he's left the show.

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