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From a fake earpiece to spoiled challenges: 7 editing fails fans have spotted on MasterChef.

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Warning: This post contains spoilers for MasterChef 2020. 

For the past few months, MasterChef has been blasting into lounge rooms all over the country.

Seeing our favourites back in the kitchen competing for the title is exactly the wholesome content we need right now.

But just like other reality TV shows, MasterChef is not immune to editing fails.

If you’re not watching MasterChef: Back to Win, here’s what you’re missing out on. Post continues below.

Video by Channel Ten.

From a fake ‘earpiece’ to spoilers in commercials, little things can often go unnoticed in the editing process. But thanks to some keen-eyed viewers, we’ve been able to spot these not-so-subtle mistakes.

Here are seven of the biggest editing blunders so far on this season of MasterChef.

1. The MasterChef ad that gave away who won an immunity challenge.


On Thursday May 28, we watched fan-favourite Reynold Poernomo win an immunity pin with a magical Alice in Wonderland-inspired dessert.

Only, we knew he was going to win the challenge, thanks to a giveaway detail in a commercial for the show that ran throughout the entire week.

Many MasterChef fans would’ve seen the ad teasing ‘the greatest dish of the season’. In it, we watched the judges marvel while looking at a speckled bowl of blurred out goodness.

Then, during the episode, long before the challenge was over, we saw Reynold making his dessert in none other than a speckled bowl.

Thus, the winner of the immunity challenge was spoiled.


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@reynoldpoer ‘s dessert has enchanted our judges and cast a spell on their tastebuds! ???? ✨ @koidb #MasterchefAU

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2. That time Reynold and Jess just vanished.

In a previous episode, we watched an all-important elimination, but it seemed two contestants weren’t actually… there.

Contestants tasked with making a dessert were sent to the kitchen, while those not involved in the challenge watched on from the gantry, but Jess Liemantara and Reynold Poernomo were absent from both.


It’s especially weird, since dessert king Reynold would have loved the challenge.

3. When Reynold went missing… again.

In another episode, we watched as Hayden Quinn was sadly eliminated from the competition. But when it came time to say goodbye, fans noticed one contestant was missing.

Despite appearing earlier in the episode, Reynold was very clearly absent for Hayden’s farewell.

MasterChef editing fails
Image: Ten.

And it didn't take fans long to point it out on Twitter.

"But where's Reynold?" one person commented.

"Is anyone else wondering where Reynold is?" said another.


4. That episode when Melissa appeared in two places at once.

Judge Melissa Leong also became subject to a not-so-subtle editing fail earlier on this season.

Towards the end of a mystery box challenge, Melissa was seen counting down at the front of the room with the other two judges, Jock and Andy.

But when the camera cut to Reynold, who was quickly trying to shell his lobster, Melissa was seen behind him on the opposite side of the kitchen.

MasterChef editing fails
Image: Ten.

Either Melissa has mastered the ability to be in two places at once, or the producers have edited two completely different scenes together to build suspense as time runs out.

Moments later, she was seen back at the front of the room counting down with Jock and Andy.

MasterChef editing fails
Image: Ten.

5. A rogue background man.

Speaking of people appearing in the wrong place, a local Melbourne man unknowingly intruded during the judging of a mystery box challenge earlier in the season.


When Andy, Melissa and Jock were about to reveal the winners, the middle-aged man dressed in a polo shirt and trackpants ever so casually walked behind the judges. And he didn't seem to mind one bit.

MasterChef editing fails
Image: Ten.

Moments later, a young boy on a bicycle was also seen walking in front of the camera.

At least they got their 15 minutes seconds of fame on national TV. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

6. The fake 'earpiece'.

Before he was eliminated, Hayden Quinn certainly had everyone confused on an episode of MasterChef. Throughout the episode, fans noticed Hayden had a small piece of black plastic poking out of his hat.

MasterChef editing fails
Image: Ten.

Many fans on Twitter speculated that it was an earpiece and that Hayden was secretly being fed instructions during the challenge.

The 34-year-old chef later set the record straight and explained the mysterious black object was actually just a... pen.


Yep, it turns out there was no foul play here.

7. The spelling mistake.

Last but not least, we have the simplest yet most obvious blunder - the spelling mistake.

In an episode, fans noticed Tracy Collins' dessert was spelt incorrectly on screen.

During the close up of the dish, her dessert was labelled "penut ice cream with fig compote" instead of "peanut".

MasterChef editing fails
Image: Ten.

Something tells us these won't be the last editing mistakes we'll see on the show.

Have you noticed any editing fails on MasterChef? Let us know in the comments below. 

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