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Sonia Kruger has bizarrely wound up at the centre of a Tracey Jewel book launch debacle.

This is… well, it’s a bit awkward.

On Tuesday night, Married At First Sight’s Tracey Jewel had a book launch for her new self-help business book This Goddess Means Business. The event was held at Sydney’s swanky Vaucluse House and the media release reportedly boasted a special guest appearance from TODAY Extra co-host Sonia Kruger to launch her new venture.

Only, it would appear Sonia… didn’t know… she was launching Tracey’s book?

Brace yourselves, because this story is quite bizarre.

According to a journalist from who attended the event, it looked like 52-year-old Kruger ditched the evening by failing to show up for her book launching duties. James Weir’s account of the book launch, which he claims only 15 people attended, said The Voice host’s appearance was “trumpeted” on the event’s official press release.

However, a spokesperson from Channel Nine told Mamamia Sonia was never formally invited, let alone asked to host.

“While Sonia received an informal invitation, she never received a formal invite. She was never asked to launch Tracey’s book, nor was anyone aware of a press release being distributed,” they said.

Image: Facebook.

At the event, reports 35-year-old Tracey was under the impression Sonia was meant to be there.

"She messaged me two days ago saying she was coming!" Tracey said of Sonia's no-show.

"I messaged her, like, half an hour ago."

This is where things get interesting, because in a statement made to Mamamia on Thursday morning, Tracey said Sonia was invited to the event "as a friend but never in an official capacity or to MC [my] launch."

The mum-of-one also tried to clear things up on Instagram, calling claims over the attendance numbers and Sonia snubbing her hosting duties as #fakenews.


"Thanks for everyone who attended and supported my Sydney book launch last night! Just wanted to clear up some misinformation... there were 55 amazing guests in attendance at my Sydney book launch (not 12 lols)," she wrote.

"Sonia has been a massive support to me through the show and apologies for any misunderstandings out there!"

Tracey's management also provided a statement about the event to Mamamia.

"Tracey had confirmed and reconfirmed Sonia as coming two days before the event. The sold out launch had 55 guests there and was a great success."

They were unable to address the press release which reportedly spruiked Sonia's appearance.