Celeb in 5: Thursday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. We now know what Married At First Sight’s Dean sexted Tracey about and OH GOD PLEASE MAKE IT STOP.

Some things you can’t un-see. Your parents doing the dirty is a solid contender, but let us present you with this: the sexts of Dean and Tracey post Married at First Sight breakup.


One half of the world’s most dysfunctional couple, Tracey decided that it was imperative knowledge that the world see this information, and shared it with all to hear on the Kyle and Jackie O show.

Reading aloud a text sent from Dean to Tracey, Jackie O delivered this confronting line… “Right now I’m sitting here in the corner of my bedroom and I am watching two people have sex in front of me.”

Dean then sent Tracey a photo of the woman he’d described as ‘having sex in front of him’.

We don’t know how to feel about it either.

While Tracey confirmed that there had been no ‘nude photos’ exchanged between the pair, she did admit to sending him inappropriate messages back… but that’s okay because Sean knows alll about them.

Mmmm, because it’s only bad to exchange “inappropriate” messages with your ex-husband (kinda), if you don’t tell your partner afterwards. To be honest, we don’t even know anymore.


Turns out Tracey and Sean are dating and WE KNEW IT. Clare and Jessie Stephens discuss. Post continues after audio.

2. Constance Hall has a new book about “clearing out my f**king soul”.

Constance Hall has been busy cleaning this past year guys. Cleaning out her soul, that is.

The pregnant Perth blogger has written a book, Still A Queen, describing the process as cathartic.

“And here it is….. what I’ve been doing this last year. Clearing out my f**king soul to write the most honest and confronting account of Queenhood to serve you with,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

Constance said the book, a follow-up to her 2016 memoir, Like A Queen, has already received rave reviews, but she’ll just be happy as long as it helps one ‘queen’.

She also kept it real, acknowledging the way she’s made up and styled on the book’s front cover isn’t typical, writing: “PS. I don’t look like this today.”

3. Because he’s the ultimate cliché, Trump Jr’s wife discovered his infidelity while he was in the shower.

Leave it to Donald Trump Jr. to be a walking, talking cliche.


Not only was the 40-year-old reportedly cheating on his wife Vanessa Trump with singer Aubrey O’Day, his long-suffering wife discovered their flirty text messages while Don Juan was in the shower back in 2012.

It has all the makings of a Hallmark movie, where the scorned wife goes off and makes a better life for herself without her deadbeat husband, and potentially falls in love with the handsome and charming owner of a quaint country inn.

Donald Trump Jr. & Vanessa Trump
Vanessa Trump found "sexy texts" from Aubrey O'Day on her husband Donald Trump Jr.'s phone. Image: Getty Images

According to People, Don Jr. left his mobile phone on his bedside table while taking a shower, and that's precisely when "sexy texts" from Aubrey, 34, started flooding his phone. Talk about impeccable timing.

"This is how Vanessa found out and the affair ended," revealed the source.

Apparently Vanessa, 40, didn't then try to choke Don Jr. with the shower curtain, because the two had a grown up discussion about it, and opted to stay together for a few more years.

But it looks like Vanessa has now finally had enough, last week filing for divorce after more than 12 years of marriage.

I’m only interested in the things money can’t buy.

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Aubrey, a singer in the no defunct band Danity Kane, was also a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice, which is where she met Don Jr.

"To Don Jr. [the affair] was very exciting," added the source.

"Aubrey was very, very into Don. He liked her but she was definitely more keen on him."

What a family.

4. In the space of four minutes Andy Lee and Rebecca Harding were dunzo. Then back on again.

A new man came between Andy Lee and Rebecca Harding... but it didn't last long.

The model excitedly texted her partner, comedian Andy Lee, after singer John Mayer followed her on Twitter. Clearly the couple were overrrr because she had a new man in her life.

Rebecca quickly learned her mistake.

Turns out "John Mayer's" Twitter profile was a complete fake.


"Could the real John Mayer please stand up?" Rebecca wrote.

It was a wonderland while it lasted.

5. At just six weeks postpartum, Kylie Jenner is back to promoting waist trainers.

It's only been six weeks since Kylie Jenner gave birth to daughter Stormi, but she's already racing to lose weight fast.

Sharing a sponsored post to her 105 million Instagram followers, the beauty mogul posed in a mirror selfie sporting a corset-like waist trainer that promises a "snap back" post-baby body.

Waist trainers have been popular among the Kardashian sisters for quite some time, however, fans were quick to call out Jenner's Instagram post, claiming it adds to the toxic post-baby body 'snap back' culture.

For all the details on the backlash, read the full story here.