Married At First Sight star Ashley's sister Summer was on a reality dating show, too.

It turns out Married At First Sight participant Ashley Irvin’s sister, Summer, has a history with reality dating shows, too.

Summer appeared on last year’s series, First Dates, which aired on Channel Seven, and we are shook by the connection.

She was paired with a fella called George on the program, and the pair explored their sexual chemistry over a plate of oysters.

Summer, not a fan of oysters, uttered the iconic line, “I don’t really want to gag.” It got worse from there, with talk of squirting lemons.

Summer First Dates
Married At First Sight's Ashley's sister Summer was on First Dates. Image: Channel Seven.

But while she may be well versed herself in the world of TV dating, you may remember Summer best for calling out her sister's partner, Troy Delmege, as fake.


In an Instagram post last month, Summer heaped praise on her sister, while at the same time slamming Troy.

"As much as Troy is a goofball he also does a fantastic job playing up for the cameras who is currently doing an excellent job in carving his path for a future in TV," she wrote.

"I’m sorry you got dragged along for the ride and I’m sorry Australia is believing his feelings for you are genuine when the only genuine thing about the show is you rolling your eyes to his antics because only you are aware at how fake he is."

A post shared by Summer ???? (@summerirvin) on

"Ashley I love you and I know you will one day find the love you so deserve... I will defend you fearlessly and I am so glad I saw through this bullshit from the moment I laid eyes on him."


Ashley and her sister are extremely close, and Summer made it clear pretty much from the get-go that she wasn't going to be fronting Troy's fan club anytime soon.

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