This First Dates star just had her first date - ever. And it was all too relatable.

Channel Seven’s First Dates is certainly an interesting way to spend an evening getting to know someone – and for most contestants, is going to be unlike any other date they’re experienced.

But for 27-year-old Chelsea, who sat down for a date with Mick during Tuesday night’s episode, the experience was all the more unfamiliar.

You see this wasn’t just Chelsea’s first date on TV – this was Chelsea’s first date ever.

Listen: Cam the First Dates bartender spills all the beans. Post continues after audio.

“It’s a huge day. I’ve never been on a date. I grew up in country Victoria, dates sort of aren’t the norm. It’s a nice place. It’s lonely,” Chelsea told the camera before her date.

“I am so nervous about this date, it makes my heart beat. I want to find that perfect guy that gives me tingles. It’d just be nice not to be alone.”

Relatable, no?

It was 32-year-old Mick from the UK who had the weight of expectations falling on his shoulders on Tuesday – and thankfully, he was up to the task.

Chelsea First Dates
It was Chelsea's first date EVER. (Image via First Dates.)

That didn't mean the date was without its awkward moments, though, with Chelsea's nerves getting the better of her in the first few minutes.

Not long after sitting down, Chelsea told her date she "might just run to the loo, if that's alright" because she was feeling faint.

When she was back from the toilet (for a second time) Chelsea tried to explain why she was so nervous. Cue confusion.

Mick: "Am I making you nervous?"
Chelsea: "Oh, I think it's the whole first date thing that's making me nervous."
Mick: "Is it... Why is that?"
Chelsea: "Because it's kind of a big deal."
Mick: "What, going on a first date? You haven't really done much of it? No? Have you just saved it all up for this moment? For me? Oh! You! Thanks!"
Chelsea: "Yeah, you're my first blind date. Actually, you're my first date, full stop. Ever."
Mick: "Never been on a date? I'm so sorry. I'm completely lost. Is that why you think you're so nervous? 'Cause you said you've never been on a date and this is literally your first date. Is that why it's hit you?"
Chelsea: "I hope so."
Mick: "Am I at least... I hope that I'm sort of hitting a type for you or something."
Chelsea: "Oh, yeah."


We're happy to report the date did, in fact, get better from there - notwithstanding Chelsea's appraisal of Mick's "70s porn style" moustache, which led to him admitting he once stored food in his "Gandalf" sized beard.

"Did you get food stuck in it? This is a really weird conversation."

Yes, Chelsea, it is. But that's what first dates are all about.

So how did Chelsea find her first ever date? Well, Mick didn't hold out much hope for a second date.

Mick and his 'mo weren't confident. (Image via First Dates.)

"I think we definitely got on on a humorous level but I think to find out that I was her first ever date, I don't expect that she'd want a second date with me," he told the camera.

But his date had plenty of nice things to say: "Mick's sense of humour, definitely my number one. Just such a caring and decent guy right through and gorgeous as well, so that was really handy."

In the end, both agreed to a second date. And who knows? We might have just witnessed Chelsea's first and last first date.