Married at First Sight's Sarah was on another reality show - with her ex-partner.


If there’s a better genre of story than ‘this reality star we all just met was on A DIFFERENT reality show in 2012′ then I have never come across it.

It’s the story we need today, but it’s also the story we need always. 

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On Monday night’s premiere episode of Married at First Sight, we met Sarah Roza, who we all liked very much.

Eighteen months ago, Roza’s partner left her, and shortly after she discovered she was pregnant with twins. Devastated, the beauty technician remained determined to raise them on her own.

But tragically, she miscarried both twins in the coming months.

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During her wedding speech, Roza said while standing next to her experimental husband Telv, “I’m the most resilient person you will ever meet.” Given the trauma she has endured, that indeed sounds like a fair assessment.

But, pause.


It turns out, not only have we met Roza before, but also her ex-partner.

Rewind back to 2012; when Gangnam Style was a thing that was… happening. You see, Australia ran season two of The Amazing Race, and there was a couple named Sarah and James.


Sarah was nine years older than James, and said at the time, “We categorised ourselves as ‘friends with benefits’ for a while. We see ourselves as boyfriend and girlfriend now.”


“That said, our relationship has always been volatile… We’re always fighting. There isn’t one day that goes past when we don’t – but I don’t see it as a bad thing,” Roza added.

The pair placed sixth, but then two months after the show ended, Roza announced they had broken up.

“Sadly James and I have split up,” she tweeted. “He wants to be single and apparently I’m not what he wants anymore.”

It’s unclear whether James is one of the exes she refers to on season five of Married at First Sight. 

So – for anyone who thought Sarah’s face looked a little familiar last night – now you know why.