One of the Married at First Sight brides just got married... to someone else.

Married at First Sight prompts wedding to old flame…

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and for Michelle, 34, that meant marrying a complete stranger on TV.

She went on Nine’s controversial Married at First Sight because she was sick of dating men who weren’t ready to settle down, and keen to start a family, and wed James, 36, in a lovely outdoor ceremony.

And that’s not all… Married at First Sight bride is PREGNANT. Maybe.

Michelle got her wish – she’s now happily married to the “love of [her] life” – but it isn’t signwriter James.

The look of love: Michelle on her second wedding day – but WHO is the groom?

When a photograph emerged of Michelle wearing a wedding gown that was markedly different from the one she wore to her marriage to James, we wanted the lowdown.

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“Being a part of Married At First Sight was a fantastic experience! It really taught me a lot about myself. James is a great guy with many good qualities. He just wasn’t the one for me,” Michelle told Mamamia in a statement.

“I am now happily married to the love of my life.”

Not the one: James and Michelle on their Married at First Sight wedding day. Image via Nine Network.

She hasn’t said who the lucky man is, but according to our sources, he’s an “old flame.”

So, Married at First Sight didn’t quite achieve what it set out to – but Michelle must still be pretty pleased with the results.

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Married at First Sight bride is PREGNANT. Maybe.