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"90 seconds of awkward silence." Leaked footage shows the real reaction to Jessika and Dan's cheating scandal.


Just when we thought the drama of Married At First Sight Season 6 was in our past, the producers have gone and dropped us a little carrot.

And OH. What a carrot.

They’ve uploaded footage to YouTube of the commitment ceremony reaction to Jessika admitting she and Dan had been secretly seeing each other behind both their partners and the entire group’s backs.

But this time, we get to see it without the music and the editing.

It’s awkward x 1000.

You can watch a snippet here. Post continues after video.

Video via Nine

For 90 seconds the other couples just stare gobsmacked at each other in complete and utter silence.

The silence is so silent you could probably quite literally have sliced the tension with an actual knife and taken a big ol’ chunk out of it.

Mike breaks the awkwardness briefly with a few slow claps. But then it just goes back to being awkward as all hell.

John Aiken’s reaction is the weirdest.

He appears to have forgotten who and where he is.

You are the expert John Aiken. It is literally your job to break this silence and bring calm to your so called commitment ceremony....HELLO SIR?! Image: Nine.

In the original version we watched in our lounge rooms, the reaction we witnessed was far more fiery.

"I came into this experiment wanting to find somebody I can build a life with," Jessika said with a smirk on her face. "I've found that - but it's not with Mick, it's with Dan."

There's a "beg your pardon," from Heidi, and a "What what who", from Mick almost immediately in the edited version.

Then Dan jumps in to defend Jessika, and on with the show we go. Cue: DRAMA, TEARS, TANTRUMS.

Re-watch here if you need a refresher:

A far cry from the squirmy, claustrophobic, awkward silence that is the actual reaction.

The real reaction.

Which you can watch in full here:

Mick is also made out to be angry and fired up as soon as he hears the admission.

"I've f**king wasted my time. Unbelievable. To think at one stage I actually bloody liked you!" he said in the version we saw on TV.

But in actual fact, after 90 seconds of silence, he slinks off the couch with tears in his eyes and joins the rest of the group.

He is actually... broken.

MAFS without music is just really, really sad.

In good news however, Mick is now happily in a relationship with Bachelor contestant Kayla Gray. The embarrassment, humiliation and 90 seconds of silence is long in his past.

Soon after this episode aired, Jessika was dumped on live TV by Dan.

She's now dating Sam Abdulrahim, a man who was released from prison in March.


We miss... this.