Married At First Sight's epic sofa editing fail hasn't gone unnoticed by fans.

Well, this is awkward…

Sunday night’s episode of Married At First Sight featured a confusing editing gaffe that didn’t slip unnoticed by the show’s eagle-eyed fans.

Viewers spotted Davina sliding up and down the couch during her confessional with Ryan. One second, the 26-year-old was seated close to her 29-year-old partner, and the next, she was halfway down the sofa.

Video via Channel Nine

Assuming Davina doesn’t possess some sort of speedy superpower, which gives her the ability to move around in the blink of an eye, it’s pretty obvious someone messed up.

Fans of the show took to Twitter in droves to call out the editing department for the mistake. One fired up fan even demanded they “sack ur [sic] continuity person.” Whoa, calm down.

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“Worst editing ever #MAFS Somehow Davina has moved from one position on the couch to the next mid questioning…. is she teleporting?” asked another viewer.

Other fans just found the whole mishap funny. I mean, who needs comedy when you have reality TV, right?

It didn’t just happen a couple of times either – literally their entire confessional shows Davina sliding up and down the couch like she’s sitting on top of a yoyo. Up and down, up and down…


The scene showed Davina and Ryan sitting down for a tense conversation, after Davina cheated with fellow Married At First Sight star Dean, 39.

One second Ryan and Davina were sitting side-by-side on the couch... Photo: 9now.
...The next, she was down the other end of the sofa. Photo: 9now.


And while their conversation may have been a raw and emotional one, it looks like it took them a few takes to nail it.

Davina hasn't exactly been winning any popularity contests since hooking up with Dean behind Ryan's back.

Sunday's episode saw her left heartbroken after discovering Dean had absolutely zero intention of walking away from his relationship with his partner, Tracey, 34.

Even more awkwardly, Ryan had just voted to stay in his relationship with Davina, keeping her locked in for another week.

The drama! Let's face it, guys - editing is the least of Davina's problems right now.

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