Craig and Andy's absence at the MAFS dinner party is fuelling all kinds of conspiracy theories.

Oh, Married at First Sight. 

It was all going so well.

Five sets of complete strangers were married, sent on honeymoon and left to figure out this thing called marriage all under the watchful eye of film crews.

But when footage of the highly anticipated dinner party episode where couples meet one another aired earlier this week, a major conspiracy theory emerged.

Were Craig and Andy a late addition to the show?

We just want more Craig and Andy. Is that too much to ask? Source: Married at First Sight

The first clue that suggests they were is the number of couples featured on this season of the show.

In seasons one and two, there were only four couples. It was a nice, solid, easy to work with number that allowed two couples to be the focal point of every episode. So why, in season three, are there now five?

If producers had planned to include a same-sex couple all along, wouldn't one hetero couple simply have been subbed out so that the tried and true formula of seasons past could still be adhered to? Which leads me to the next clue that strengthens this theory.

Where were Craig and Andy at the dinner party?

married at first sight dinner party

The Married at First Sight dinner party of death. Source: Married at First Sight

Getting together at the Blue Mountains, four of the five couples in this season met one another and compared notes on how married life was going for them (or rather, not going in the case of Jess and Dave). At no point were Craig or Andy mentioned, which leads me to believe their existence was not actually known to the other couples at the time of filming.

And if you're wondering why producers didn't simply re-shoot the dinner party once the decision was made to include a same-sex couple was made, the answer is obvious. The footage of Keller's drunken blowout with Michael and Bella was too good to throw away.

(Because if there's one thing the nation needs to see more than a same-sex couple, it's definitely a drunk guy questioning the sexual integrity of a woman...)

married at first sight dinner party

At the Married at First Sight dinner part, Keller turned down for no one. Source: Married at First Sight

The final nail in the conspiracy theory coffin came, though, in the final minutes of the dinner party episode, when Jess admitted that while she was happy for everyone else, it was disappointing to be a part of the only couple who failed the experiment.

The only couple.


Obviously, we can't confirm if all of this is true, which is kind of the beauty of conspiracy theories to begin with, but all the signs are currently in flashing neon lights that say, "jackpot".