Dean's argument against Ryan on Married at First Sight made no sense. This is why.

Leading up to last night’s Married at First Sight dinner party, we all knew we were in for perhaps the most entertaining night of television in recent history.

For the last week, we’ve watched as Dean cheated on his fake wife Tracey with Ryan’s fake wife Davina, which yes, is as ridiculous as it sounds. But then at Sunday night’s commitment ceremony, after a night of magical sex with Tracey, Dean decided that he didn’t actually like Davina, and wanted to stay with his current fake wife. Obviously.


After the significant overuse of the term 'blindsided', what might have been fake tears, and a lot of passionate yelling from Nasser, everyone went on with their home-stay week as though nothing had happened.


Until last night.

Because last night, Ryan and Dean finally came face to face. The tension started when Dean said, "Hey Ryan, how are you bro?" and Ryan replied simply: "F*ck off."


But when everyone sat down for dinner, Dean started to construct an argument for why, really, it was Ryan's fault his wife had been canoodling with another man.

Last night, things between Dean and Ryan got out of hand. We discuss, on our MAFS podcast. Post continues after audio.

"What have I done to you? What's the problem?" Dean asked Ryan, which seemed... odd, given the circumstances.

"You went behind his back," Sean interjected, before Dean responded, "No I didn't".

"In a private conversation, Ryan told me Davina liked me, and he had no problem with her pursuing me, and he actually encouraged me to hook up with her," Dean said


Ryan clarified that he had told Dean that Davina found him attractive, but very firmly denied that he had given 'permission' for Dean to pursue his partner.

He also said "f*ck off" about four more times which, yes, was very necessary.


But here's why Dean's argument doesn't stand up against literally any scrutiny.

If Ryan had given permission for Dean and Davina to get together, why did they keep it a secret?

Why was the first time Ryan learned of it during the commitment ceremony, along with all the other couples? If he was fine with it?

It makes no sense.

Hypothetically, even if Ryan had said Dean could pursue Davina, surely part of that deal would be transparency. That Davina and Dean would, you know, tell him that they were planning to run off together.

The other part that doesn't make any sense is that Dean genuinely thought telling his current fake wife, Tracey, that "Ryan gave me his blessing to hook up with Davina," would somehow appease her?


The lack of logic in this show is at once the best - and also the worst - thing about it.