Married At First Sight's Alycia on the 'before' photo she's finally ready to share.

When Alycia Galbraith plunged herself into the reality TV world of Married At First Sight there was one part of her backstory she wasn’t ready for the world to see.

This week the 29-year-old fitness instructor decided it was time to share it: a photo of herself from 2012, before she lost 30kg.

Despite being “super nervous” Alycia said in an Instagram post she hoped sharing the photo would help others.

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Alycia – whose time on the show ended when her husband Mat decided he couldn’t continue with their TV marriage – said the programs producers had asked to show an old photo of her, but she refused at the time.

“When the producers on Married at First Sight learnt about my weight loss journey, I was asked if I had any photos of myself at my biggest to include in my backstory, as it is a significant part of my life,” she explained.


“I said no to sharing photos initially as it is hard to look at them myself let alone have others judge me!”

Alycia said the photo represented a time in her life when she was unhappy.

“Despite my smile, I wasn’t a happy person in the photo on the left. I was in a bad relationship I didn’t have the strength to leave at the time, I was constantly criticised for the way I looked & rebelled by eating more.”

She said the only reason she said yes to sharing this part of her life was she was “promised it would help people” and hoped it could.

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However, she said the weight loss was not motivated by how she looked, but how she felt.

“People ask me how I succeeded in changing my appearance and I truly believe that a positive mind attracts wonderful things – this is where my transformation began.

“I grew mentally determined to become a healthy person purely for myself and my body followed.”

Alycia also shared that she lost weight in a slow, sustainable, safe way.

“I got rid of anything/anyone toxic in my life, altered my diet and within three months I lost the first 12kgs.

“Over time I’ve managed to lose more than 30kgs and now feel the best I ever have.”

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