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"It made me furious." Married At First Sight's Sean gives tell-all on split with Tracey.

Former Married at First Sight star Sean Thomsen has spoken for the first time of his split from co-star Tracey Jewel, telling Woman’s Day he is “free” and there are “no dramas in his life anymore”.

“I can get fit, move to Melbourne and wake up each day knowing I’m not going to have an argument,” he told the magazine in an interview published on Monday.

Last week, Jewel told New Idea she split with the 35-year-old FIFO worker after five months of dating.

Thomsen has now told Woman’s Day that looking back, there “warning signs” things wouldn’t work out, and said he was “furious” to learn his ex-girlfriend was texting her ex-boyfriend while he was dating her.

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“Before filming the show, we made a pact to have each other’s backs. But I was blindsided when I found out she’d sent pictures of herself in lingerie to Dean [Wells], saying, ‘Do you think Sean will like me in this?’

“It made me furious. She said it was to make him jealous, but why would you want to make an ex-jealous while you’re in a committed relationship?”

He also expressed his disdain with the mum-of-one selling their break-up story without telling him.

“Issues like selling our break-up story to a magazine without consulting me. I woke up to that news and felt really betrayed. Who does that?”

In an interview on Sunday with Hit Far North Queensland’s Shad & Carly, Jewel said the two were on “different pages”.

“I signed up for Married At First Sight to get married… I want another child, I’m 35… I know exactly what I want,” she told the show, concurring with Thomsen’s claims “she wanted a ring immediately”.

Explaining why the couple split in last week’s edition of New Idea, Jewel said they were simply on “different pages”.

“I’ve given it my best shot and it’s better to call it early than drag it on for another six months.

“Sean’s on a different page and that’s never going to change… you can’t change a man, so I thought it is better to call it now.”