"This is f***ed": Manu Feildel reacts to enormous Notre Dame donations.

My Kitchen Rules judge Manu Feildel is not happy.

The French chef has expressed his disgust at the money raised for Notre Dame, one of his home country’s most sacred pieces of architecture.

He has posted a split photo, half of which shows the cathedral in its former glory, the other half shows some starving, malnourished children.

“750 million euros of donations in 24 hours,” reads the retweet shared by the famous television personality to his 147,000 followers.

To be clear, that’s AUD $1.178 billion.


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This is incredibly disturbing!!! The world is fucked!!!

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Manu then commented, “this is incredibly disturbing!! The world is f***ed!!!!” which has since attracted more than 10,000 likes.


In the days after Notre Dame went up in flames, France’s leading billionaires and companies rallied to pledge millions to help rebuild the church.

In that moment, we saw just how deep the world’s richest’s pockets really are – for the right cause.

Businessman Francois-Henri Pinault founder of Gucci parent company, Kering, pledged 100 million Euro towards the restoration fund.

how did notre dame fire start
Notre Dame in flames. Image: Getty.

There were donations from the CEO of luxury brand group LMVH, the primary shareholder family of L'Oreal, and the boss of the French oil company Total.

The above  - which equates to just four families - raised roughly AUD $964 million by themselves.


It was a heartbreaking moment for many, watching thousands of years of history go up in flames.

But many more were quick to make the point that there were no deaths and no serious injuries.

You can watch some of the coverage of Notre Dame here. Post continues after video. 

Video by Sunrise

Critics started to point to the water crisis in Venezuela or the communities destroyed by Cyclone Idai. Where was there restoration fund?

Manu used the plight of starving children in Africa to make the same point.

Former MKR contestant Ash Pollard wrote: “Mmmm. That is f***ed,” under the picture.

Australian singer Tina Arena, who has lived in France, wrote: “Couldn’t have said it better myself Kasey!”

Another commenter remarked, "We should be doing more for those kids instead of collecting money for a church."

Those on the other side of the coin argue that it was French billionaires that mainly invested, and in doing so they are reinvesting in their own economy.

"Thousands of people will have jobs over decades during the renovation. That's a good thing!!" wrote one commenter on Twitter.

What do you think? Is the amount of money raised so quickly for Notre Dame problematic? Or fantastic?