What the Mamamia team wore to work this week.

When it comes to women I look to for outfit inspiration, it’s rarely anyone who has a “super” prefixed to their name and half a million Instagram followers. Most of the time I get my daily style fix looking at the brilliant outfits and accessories adorning the Mamamia team. Or friends. Or my sisters and mother. People whose style is an extension of their personality.

If you’re stuck for outfit inspiration, let what we wore to the office this week do the trick. Or, if you’re like me, just enjoy looking at the different personalities and style that oozes out of this office.

Zara, Junior Editorial Assistant

Image: Supplied.

Top, Sportsgirl.

Skirt, Op Shop.

Shoes, Rubi Shoes.

Choker, Homemade.

"My favourite item I wore today was the skirt (I actually stole it off my mum who found it at an op shop) because it is so comfortable and works with just about anything. The shoes are also the cheapest and easiest go-to for me so I look  a little less under-dressed at work."

Alys, Parenting Editor


Image: Supplied.

Cardigan, Trenery, $111.75,

Top, Trenery, $49.95.

Jeans,Trenery, $129.

Shoes, Converse at The Iconic, $80.

"I like Trenery, generally, because I often feel like there's not a lot of age-appropriate clothing for me. I'm 33 years old and I have two kids. I don't feel like I can wear a lot of stuff that's on trend right now because I'm too old for it, but I also don't want to wear twins sets and my pearls. I'm not that old yet," she says.

"I like a warm cosy cardigan. This one is long and warm, but has a beautiful drape to it; it looks effortless and stylish and I would live in jeans at all times if I could. They're comfortable. They can be dressed up. They can be dressed down. So versatile."

Brittany, Health, Beauty and Style Producer

Image: Supplied.

Jumper, Kmart.

Pants. H&M.

Boots, Wittner.

Necklace, Bell Frankie & Co, $100.

"After becoming stuck in the Melbourne uniform of black on black paired with black, I've been making a conscious decision to wear a bit more colour day to day. I love the impact of these statement pants which are also incredibly versatile for Melbourne's crazy weather. The jumper is comfy and adds a touch of sports luxe detail, while the necklace ties it all together with its incredible bling."


Lizzie, Podcast Producer

Image: Supplied.

Cardigan, Skin & Threads.

T-Shirt, Target.

Skirt, Gorman.

Shoes, EYTYS.

"I chose my outfit because; one, it was clean. And two, I like to be comfortable at work. I think you can be comfy and casual, but still add in your personality and a little sparkle into an outfit."

Amy, Mamamia editor

Image: Supplied.

Skirt, City Chic, $69.95.

Top, Target.

Scarf, ASOS, $7.20. Amy’s exact scarf has sold out, but this similar one is now on sale.


“I still dress like I did in the '90s, so I’m always delighted when people think I’m being stylish rather than lazy. I’ve worn this camel-coloured corduroy skirt constantly since I bought it. I’d never been a big fan of City Chic before, but they brought out an excellent ‘90s-inspired range called The Edit and I’ve nearly purchased the whole range (I’m only changing out of this mod skirt for a brilliant tartan mini, which I love to bits). My paisley skinny scarf is from ASOS. I love skinny ties and scarves, fuelled by my ‘90s aesthetic. I wore it with an old stripey top from Target because it was clean.”

Lauren, branded content executive

Image: Supplied.

Top, Forever New, $69.99.

Skirt, Portmans.

Boots, Freelance Shoes.

“I love that this is a kind of corporate-y, a-line high-waisted skirt. I find that a lot of styles are super tight or very flouncy but this one is perfect. This top is one of my favourites because it's a bit of a fancy take on a classic black top. Perfect for winter thanks to the long sleeves. These boots are last season but the riding boot style is pretty timeless. Just high-heeled enough to feel dressed up but low enough that I’m not breaking my ankles when I walk."

Jo, lifestyle producer


Image: Supplied.

Dress, Forever New.

Shoes, Novo.

"I love this dress because it's simple and doesn't need ironing. I like to make it as easy as possible to get dressed in the morning and dresses like this are perfect. It also goes from day to night with the addition of a belt and some heels. The shoes are from Novo. I am meant to change into heels when I get to work (and only use these to walk from the bus stop to the office) but I never end up bothering to change them. Luckily they go with everything."

Edwina, Health, Beauty and Style Editor

Image: Supplied.

Top, Fabletics.

Vest, Antipodium.

Jeans, Sportsgirl, $99.

“I've finally found ripped jeans for the conservative woman. I’m not ‘fashion’ enough to pull off jeans with gaping holes, these rips are just over the knees and have just that teeny bit more attitude than regular old jeans. I bought my vest on a whim in 2011, never wore it, and have only just dusted it off and decided it’s worthy of leaving my wardrobe. Before you say anything, yes, I know Fabletics is officially an ‘activewear’ brand but the cut of this T-shirt is the most flattering I’m yet to find.

Anna, Strategy and Integrations manager


Image: Supplied.

Skirt, Glassons, $39.95.

Necklace: Approx $88.21.

Shoes, Therapy.

"My style is quite minimalist and can be dressed up or down with a pair of heels or sneakers. My wardrobe consists of black, white, grey and earthy colours mixed with gold jewellery to complement my skin tone.

Maggie, Lifestyle producer.

Image: Supplied.

"As a Bondi girl, I am trying my hardest to hang onto the last few days of warm weather before winter hits. I love these long duster coats because they make up for my lack of pants..."

What did you wear to work this week?

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