Mamamia on Sky Episode 10: Full Episode

It’s here, it’s awesome and it might be our best show yet. Tonight we bring together some dynamo personalities for quite a frank discussion about sex, politics and (almost) rock and roll.

Here’s the full episode:

Let’s take a look at the guests:

Episode 10 guests Caroline Overington, Bernard Salt, Bryce Corbett and Dee Madigan

Caroline Overington is back with us, the bearer of more fantastic news with her latest book Matilda is Missing. She’s an author, journalist and all ’round brilliant talent.

Bernard Salt joins us for the first time. Demographer and author of The Big Tilt: What happens when the Boomers bust and Xers and Ys inherit the Earth. Bernard can make anything interesting and he does just that tonight. Bernard has previously written on MM about the cult of rudeness overtaking our culture. You can read that piece right here.

Bryce Corbett hits the ground running when he joins us to chat about dodgy poker machine rants and THAT piece he wrote for us asking why Nicole Kidman inspires such hatred. Bryce is the Associate Editor of the Australian Women’s Weekly.

Dee Madigan is an advertising guru and political and social commentator. She’s smart, funny and partial to the odd swear word. We like that.


Here’s a shot of the guests getting a rundown before filming started this afternoon:

Our esteemed Exec Producer Paul Zorzi gives the final rundown before we hit record.

In case you missed it, here is Mia’s full revealing interview with music star Kasey Chambers as she talks about success and dealing with an eating disorder. Kasey tells Mia it wasn’t necessarily an issue of ‘image’ but of control. She talks about looking down at the scales and willing herself to make the numbers lower and lower and lower because she could.

Kasey wrote about her struggles in her new book A Little Bird Told Me.

And here is Mia’s full interview with actress Jane Kennedy, where they talk cooking and teaching kids about healthy eating.

Jane has a new recipe book out, it’s called Omg! I can eat that?

Finally, here’s the video we ended this show with. It was made by Australian Marriage Equality and Get Up. Mia went along to the shoot. Have a look.

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